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Toboggans, Funchal
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Hello and welcome to my little space to ramble on the big Internet.

I’m Jess. I live just outside of Southampton in Hampshire with my husband Stuart and our two children – Sofia and Arlo.

Here on my blog you will find all sorts – Prosecco Mum is predominantly a parenting blog with most posts centre’ing around my feral children and what mischief they regularly get up to. If you’re after a perfect parenting blog this is probably not the one for you – there’s no curated perfection here;  you will see the good, the bad and the downright frustration.

As well as motherhood, I like to detail my thoughts on what I thought parenting would be like before I was a parent so there’s a few “before kids vs post kids” posts. With Sofia recently starting school I have covered all the thoughts and feelings as a first time school mum and you’ll also find many posts detailing our favourite family days out in and around Hampshire and our family travels.

I like to take time out monthly to write about the things that make me happy on a monthly basis and also the books I’ve read. We moved into our forever home a couple of years ago too, so there will (hopefully!) be some home renovation posts coming up as soon as we’re digger deep!