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Great ways to pass the time at home this evening

Winding down after a day of work – and once the kids are asleep – is one of the best parts of my day, but this little piece of luxury time always goes far too quickly and before we know it it’s time to get some sleep ready for the next day…

Enjoying downtime is something that’s unique to each person though; everyone has different hobbies and loves, but sometimes you just want to switch off your brain completely for the evening. 
Here are some of my simple and easy ways to wind down and pass the time in the evening if you’re feeling bored or stuck in a rut.
Do some online shopping 
Like we need an excuse for this! What’s better than scrolling through online shopping in the evening? You might not be intending to buy anything, but now and again taking a look at what’s out there can’t hurt and it can be a fun activity to enjoy while the TV is on in the background. 
Fancy a sweet treat this evening? Make some cookies! There are some amazing cookie recipes out there to try, and once you get the measurements down you can play around with flavours and make the perfect cookie or bakes. Whether you choose a classic chocolate, try some caramel, or even experiment with biscoff – there are some amazing ways to spend your evening and you’ll get an irresistible treat at the end of it. 
Look for a new car 
Bit of a random one, but why not have a look online at cars for sale in your local area? I’m terrible at scrolling through car sites and building my dream car on their vehicle configurator (got to keep those dreams alive, can’t be working for nothing can we!)
Apply a fresh manicure 
If your nails have seen some better days and you want something relaxing to do this evening, consider applying a fresh coat of polish to your digits. Keep it simple with a glossy colour or be a bit more creative with a pattern!
Rearrange a room 
Sick and tired of your same old living room? Spend some time this evening changing things up a bit! One fun way to spend time in an evening is to rearrange some of your shelves, furniture, and decorations to refresh a room without spending any money. 
Start a blog! 
If you’ve always been thinking about it, but never quite got round to it then tonight could be the night you put fingers to keys and get your thoughts out there in the online space.