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2020 holding hands togetherness

A look back over 2020 // We’re all in this together

We might all be navigating the same seas – but we’re not all in the same boat…

2020 will certainly go down as one of the strangest years I’ve ever had the displeasure to experience. But in amongst the absolute shite that we’ve been living, there has been glimmers of loveliness. And I hope, when this ‘thing’ is all over that we will remember the spirit that pulled people together.
Humanity and Kindness
When we were wondering when we’d next get to Paultons Park, there were people wondering where they were going to get their next meal from. Enter Marcus Rashford…
Help groups were set up to deliver food parcels, collect prescriptions and walk dogs for those that were isolating, people were checking in on their neighbours who were missing their usual visitors. Online communities provided an outlet and virtual friendships were formed and local communities dished out free school meals at October half term.
A simple hello
People were more friendly on their daily walks, as usual human contact was whittled down as we worked from home and were unable to socialise normally. I loved how people were beaming with smiles as they passed each other, a hello and a pandemic joke.
New skills 
I think everyone made banana bread, right? I mean, even I did and I absolutely hate bananas. I also made copious amounts of biscuits and then went hand delivering them to anyone I could think of in the neighbourhood. There were new skills happening all around, I started reading even more and cross wording.
What has 2020 taught me? That sometimes things happen outside of our control. For someone who suffers serious FOMO, this years taught me that things/life goes on, things happen that can stop all of the best laid plans.
It’s taught me resilience, strength, the importance of good friends, family but most of all – never taking for granted the simple things we always had yet never appreciated.