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Are you ready to keep animals?

Pets are a great addition to just about any home, and most pet owners would agree that they’re a wonderful way to brighten up your days. We’ve just been dogsitting for my parents and the kids have absolutely loved it. Getting out in the fresh air walking them and laughing at me picking up the poo. 

We got to hand them back after four days – and whilst we had fun with them it’s not to say we’d want to have them full time! If you’re thinking of getting a pet at some point they are a big responsibility, and you shouldn’t rush into the decision…there’s a lot to think about.


One of the most basic needs of any animal is shelter, of  course, what counts as adequate shelter is something which varies from animal to animal. While a dog will only need the home itself and perhaps it’s own crate or comfy cushion, if you have something larger like a horse then you’re going to need to think about how to provide for them in the cold and at night. Generally, field shelters are the way to go with horses.

Food & Water

A basic thing for any animal (and human!) is always going to be food and water obviously. But how much will they need?  Water is simple, just a continuous fresh supply. As for food, that depends on the breed and size of animal, and that is something you might need to research. 


The easiest one – love and care! You should make sure to show all of your pets the love that they need and deserve. How to show this varies again from animal to animal, but the more you show your pet the love they need, the happier they’re going to be. Think of them as the newest baby to your family…
*This is a collaborative post.