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Beat Quarantine Blues Through These Fun Child-Friendly Activities

Life in lockdown can be boring and monotonous, especially for children. Kids are used to hanging out with their friends during and after school, so with the sudden shift from face-to-face classes to online learning, they are left with limited things to do aside from attending online lessons and spending some more time on Youtube!

To keep your kids busy during lockdown, here are some fun activities that can enhance their skills and motivate them to unleash their creativity.
Cooking and Baking
Teaching your kids essential life skills, such as cooking and baking will help them learn new things in the confines of your kitchen. You can shape the future of your little master chef by allowing them to help you out in making your meals. Who knows? Teaching them how to make simple kid-friendly dishes such as meatball spaghetti, mac ‘n’ cheese, plus snacks like pancakes, sandwiches, cookies, and cupcakes might mark the humble beginnings of their thriving careers.
Once your kids know their way around the kitchen, you can create a fun family activity by holding bake-offs [still under your supervision!]. You can also create a schedule wherein each family member will be in charge of a lunch or dinner meal so that they can be motivated to try out different recipes and even make their own.
Arts and Crafts
Crafting and art projects require the use of hands and concentration, which will keep your kids away from their gadgets. Through crafting, you can help enhance their creativity and imagination. Some fun and enjoyable art projects that will entertain your children for hours include painting, origami, and creating figures using clay.
Crafting can also teach your child how to recycle by repurposing some items, like cardboard boxes, bottle caps, cans, and even scratch paper for paper mache projects. To further enhance your child’s imagination, encouraging them to write short stories and even staging fun little plays will give them something to look forward to during uneventful quarantine days.
Field Day
Since gadgets can provide your kids with the escape they need from the monotonous quarantine life it is hard to reduce their screen time, but by setting a day aside dedicated for exploration, you can keep your kids active and distance them from their gadgets. Light workouts and fun exercise routines will give your children the physical education they need in the comfort of your home.
Another fun outdoor activity, picnics will let your little ones bask in the sun and soak up much-needed vitamin C. If you have a garden with thriving flowers and foliage, scheduling a day for exploration will let your kids be familiar with different plants and even insects, which will supplement their science learning.
Pamper Day
With the limited things you can do, staying at home can feel suffocating. Just like adults, kids also need a break from the repetitive days spent in lockdown. Straying away from routines from time to time will help give your little ones the time they need to recuperate and ease away stress.
You can pamper your kids by treating them to a luxurious spa day, consisting of child-friendly hair enriching treatments or vitamins, manicures or pedicures, and facials. This will help replenish their energy and give them the motivation to start the next school week. You can also let them soak in a pool for some splashing fun or treat them to delicious smoothies and snacks, while they relax under the sun.
Scientific Experiments
To make learning basic science concepts fun and easy for your kids, you can let them perform safe science experiments at home. Kids are naturally curious beings, so it’s easy to capture their attention with interesting experiments. The materials you will need do not have to be expensive; some of them you can even find in your fridge or pantry.
*This is a collaborative post