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Finding happiness as a family – how to build a happy life

As you probably know, through all the business of our lives, it’s easy to lose sight of those small but really special moments with our families. From those lazy Sunday breakfasts, the giggles over an inside joke, or the simple comfort of a shared blanket during movie night; these are often the memories we cherish most. The feeling of togetherness and safety. Yet, sometimes, our never-ending to-do list can make these moments feel like an unrealistic dream. Today we’re exploring ways to not just find, but truly enjoy these small and special moments, making our days a touch brighter and our bonds a little stronger.

Declutter as you go – The feeling you get when you walk into your home has an absolutely massive effect on your mental and emotional space. A home that is clean and orderly is like a mind free from needless worries. So how do we get there? Start with the busy areas – the kitchen cupboards, the living room, the places that seem like clutter magnets. Once decluttered, move onto more personal spaces like bedrooms. Sorting through your things and letting go of the things you’ve been hoarding will refine your space and also create a home where you can feel at peace. Imagine walking into your house and feeling relieved to be home instead of anxious about all the jobs that are waiting for your attention.

Bring your mind back home – Let’s face it; we pretty much live in a virtual world and real human interactions can sometimes become scarce, especially with our family members. By trying to take time away from your phone, or other devices, you open the door to genuine heart-to-heart connections. It might initially feel bizarre to have a meal without the accompaniment of gadgets, but over time, doing this can foster invaluable conversations and lay the foundation for creating new ones. True and genuine conversations at the dinner table with your kids about the silly jokes made in class or the new friend they made on the playground will help you to strengthen an unbreakable bond with your family.

Seek out nature – Nature, with its gentle rhythms and beauty scenes, offers a haven of peace and connectivity. Think about planning fun weekly family outings – it could be a walk in the park, a visit to a botanical garden, or a sneaky weekend pizza picnic by a lake. Engaging with nature enables a deep-rooted sense of belonging and unity, reminding you of the intricate web of life that we’re all a part of. Nature has a way of bringing families together and rekindling the connections with your family that seem like they’re on a rocky road. 

The Sum Of The Parts Make Up The Whole – While family lies at the heart of our lives, individual well-being is the cornerstone of a happy family. If all the members of the family are in a good space, so will the family. Parents, especially, often put their needs behind the needs of their kids. Although this is natural and not a bad thing, you need to remember that a well-nourished soul radiates joy and positivity that will give your loved ones a little boost towards overall well-being. Consider setting aside time for activities that uplift your spirit, maybe reading, sitting quietly with your thoughts, or pursuing a cherished hobby could be just what you need to shift your focus and ignite your flame once again. Imagine having your children look up to wondering: “Wow! Mum is so happy. I want to be just like her when I grow up.”

Encourage Your Family To Share Victories and Failures – Each family member is a unique blend of emotions and thoughts. It’s important to encourage open communication at home, creating a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can express their thoughts and emotions without any hesitation. By having regular check-ins to discuss the ups and downs of the week, you can strengthen the bonds within your family and cultivate a sense of togetherness. These moments of shared vulnerability and personal victories ensure a nurturing environment where everyone thrives.

Define What Family Fun Looks Like – All families are different. In your pursuit to provide the best experiences for your family, you may find yourself overextending and compromising on your own happiness. Think about what really makes quality time with your family. Try to do things that everyone enjoys and that reflect your family’s values. This will help you all relax and have fun together without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

Rope The Family In On Money Matters – Talking about money with your family can really help prevent stress and make everyone happier. It manages expectations really well. It’s all about keeping things open and working together towards financial goals. You could consider financial planning conversations where strategies, like debt consolidation loans and holiday budgets, are discussed. If you want to enjoy life now and in the future, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make sure you’re financially stable. It can make a big difference in your family’s happiness.