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Just another Fathers Day Gift Guide

Often dads are underrated, aren’t they? As a mum, I talk about my parenting challenges and successes and more often than not, I’m guilty of not mentioning the male who helped make the offspring happen. So, although they didn’t waddle about for nine months or go through the physical labour, we’ll let them have this one day!
As Father’s Day approaches (June 17th for those that need the reminder) I thought I’d round up the best bits I’ve purchased – or found on the Internet, as we look to celebrate all things dad. Having two men to buy for (GrampsLad and LagerDad) I’m covering a few age brackets in my Fathers Day Gift Guide…

  • Beers  – Don’t live close to your dad or not around on the 17th to grace him with your presence and gifts? Take a look at this great little company, Cheers Bro, whose motto is ‘say cheers, send beers’. The idea is that you choose which package of specially selected craft beers you want to send to daddy dearest, add a personalised note and then sit back and relax whilst Cheers Bro arrange the packing, wrapping and delivery. Cheers!
  • The Man Tin – Are you even a true dad if you don’t have ‘bits’ knocking about? The odd screw, the set of alun keys that can never be found when it’s needed, the earphones….don’t even get ME started on stray iPhone earphones everywhere around the bloody house! I think I’ve set the scene…if your dad is a collector of all bits and bobs, this is the tin for them.
  • BBQ kit – nothing says man like a new gadget for the BBQ. Man make fire and all that… first up is this fab personalised king of the barby apron,  set of BBQ tools and one of my faves – a personalised branding iron (I might add that to my mothers day list!)
  • A nice classic watch – I brought a Torgoen watch for LagerDad as a gift on our wedding day and although he has a few watches, he always reverts back to this one. Casual and easy wearing.
  • ‘D is for Daddy’ cut out and designed wooden letter. You can often find these sorts of things on Facebook pages. I have used Love & Cherish Keepsakes many times for gifts and the quality is amazing!
  • Photobook – so often we snap away taking pictures on our phones yet never do anything with them. Why not think about creating a Photobook of picture memories of your little one/s with dad?
  • Brewery tour – what dad doesn’t like a tipple every so often? Last year I purchased Ringwood brewery tour gift vouchers for both LagerDad and GrampsLad to go on a day trip together.
  • Photo – if you’re feeling a bit creative, pop down to Hobbycraft (or similar) and buy the freestanding individual letters (tip: you’ll only need to buy ‘D’, ‘A’ and ‘Y’!) then set to work styling your child/ren in a variety of poses holding the letters. If you’re a dab hand at Photoshop you can then cut them out to make one ‘daddy’ picture!
  • Personalised plate/cup – have you got a local pottery place or craft centre nearby? A lovely personal touch is to get hand or feet printed onto a plate or mug with a nice ‘daddy’ quote. If you’re in the Hampshire area, we always get our crafty bits done at Poppies Crafts which is within Choices Plants, situated just outside of Romsey.
  • Socks are a standard fathers day ‘extra’ aren’t they? Well how about going that bit further and treating dad to some super snazzy personalised socks like these ones or first fathers day ones by Sparks & Daughters? If these ones are a bit over the sock budget then Card Factory do a lovely pair – you can see them here
  • How it works: The Dad Do you want guaranteed laughter from your dad this Fathers Day? I purchased this for GrampsLad last year and he chuckled at every page! It’s reasonably priced too, all the lols without breaking the bank. Winner!
  • Another lovely find is this gorgeous personalised ‘My Dad‘ book which allows for personalisation of up to four children’s names, select the best thing that dad does with the kids and what his favourite hobbies are and it magically gets put within the pages of the book. It’s really reasonably priced at £20 (extra £7 if you want a hardback cover) I’m sure it will rapidly become the new favourite bedtime book as the kids enjoy having familiar names and places read out to them. Good excuse for dad to do bedtime whilst you put your feet up!
  • It goes without saying that generally mums get chocolates on special occasions, so why not treat dad too? Hotel Chocolat have got a great range this year starting at £2.50 for the ‘pillow pack’, mid range with this lovely 14 choc box  or why not go all out and get the Fathers Day sleekster box with 27 sweet treats inside!

…and if you really want to embrace the day, then you surely can’t go wrong with a ‘Daddy Pig’ t-shirt?! If that’s up your street, you can buy that here
If that wasn’t enough inspiration for you, I also went out to my Twitter ‘dad committee’ and asked what their best ever father’s day gift has been or what’s on their gift wish list…
Stuart at Three Time Daddy One I’ve had that seems to have outlasted them all is the book ‘my dad’ by Anthony Browne. But anything they have made/drawn themselves is great. Being at work all week means I’m just grateful for some time with kids without worrying about crappy house jobs for one day.”
Paul at Cheeky Dad Blog “Depending on the weather, being treated to a nice day out. Head to the beach or a nice country park for a run about before heading to a pub for a spot of lunch and a beer. As with all these novelty days, they’ve become to commercial. Keep it simple”
Benny at Daddy Poppins “The best actual gifts I’ve ever received were some lovely framed pictures of me and the kids. But you can never go wrong with; beer, sport and ‘dad time’. So a guilt free Saturday in the pub with your other dad mates would be perfect. And a handmade by the kids card is *thumbs up*”
The man behind the Father-hood blog (that’s right, I don’t even know his actual name – awks)  “Try and think about what we have been moaning about not being able to do and create a day that allows us to do that or think about what you would like us to do for Mother’s Day, as the chances are our wishes won’t be that different, The most important thing for me would be to make sure any day/lunch out involves the kid(s), as it’s Father’s Day rather than partner’s day
Leigh at Dadgeek said “The best present for me would be some quiet time to myself. There’s a weird trend where Mother’s Day is about pampering Mum but the message for Father’s Day tends to be “DAD HARDER”!
In celebration of all things dad, why not take a read of my ‘Let’s hear it for the dad’s series….’

  • I’ve ordered the most lovely photo-book for Bradley. With all photographs of him and Theodore in! It’s so lovely! And I managed to get it for free because of the Mcdonalds Monopoly thing!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    • Prosecco Mum


      Oh wow, that’s amazing! I only ever won an apple and grape fruit bag on that, haha. I hope you all have a fab day on Sunday x

  • Lovely ideas! Can’t go wrong with some nice alcohol! x

  • These are some fab gift ideas for fathers day gifts! We love to buy vinyls as presents because it’s something that’s more appreciated in our household. (I do all the DIY and drink all the alcohol 😉 ) / x

    • Prosecco Mum


      Vinyls are fab and I guess they last abit longer than alcohol..and are ten times more fun than doing DIY! 😉 Hope you all have a nice day on Sunday x

  • Wowzers what a fab list!! Hope you’ve had a fab Father’s Day!!! Xx