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Sofia’s favourite children’s books | What my 4 year old reads.

We have HEAPS of books in our house. I believe that you can never have enough books in a house, especially children’s books.

Unlike clothes, shoes and toys, books never grow old and so many of my childhood memories involve being read to by my mum and dad and later in my pre-teen years getting fully absorbed into the Sweet Valley series!
At four years old, I’m pleased to say Sofia really enjoys reading; which is a big relief, as her other favourite pastime is being glued to her Amazon Fire.
She can often be found in the playroom reading to her cuddly toys or trying to read to her little brother who has no desire to listen but instead just wants to pull the pages and eat them.
Childrens books - Peppa Pig

So what are Sofia’s favourite childrens books at aged 4?

The Dinosaur that pooped the bed
Written by Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones of McFly fame, this is just one in a series of ‘Dinosaur that pooped….’ books. Kids with big imaginations and a love of poo will love this one. Sofia giggles her head off when ‘the poo splatters around the room’. Just don’t read it before dinner time!
The Gruffalo
Again this has been a firm favourite in our house for a while now, Sofia got given the hardback set (with The Gruffalo’s Child in it too) for her second birthday, it was quite a long read so I didn’t offer it up too often but ever since we saw the show at the theatre last year, it’s been back at the top of the favourites list again. After all, who doesn’t like a stroll through a deep, dark wood?
The Monkey Puzzle
Sofia discovered this book at nursery and she talked about it so much we brought her her own copy for home. We read it so often it hasn’t made its way back to the book shelf in months! It’s a lovely little story about a monkey who goes on a hunt to find his mum….discovering a few other mistaken identities along the way.
Guess how much I love you 
This is one of those books that Sofia was going to have to love regardless because it was one of nanny’s! They say love is an intangible thing and hard to measure, follow Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare as they go through all the ways of expressing their love for each other.  I personally love this book “this much”.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
I don’t know anyone who didn’t have this in their book collection, it was one of my favourite childhood books so it just goes to show that the oldies are definitely the best. We enjoy reeling off what the caterpillar ate as fast as we can and I particularly love Sofia’s version of Swiss cheese which she pronounces as “sweeze”.
Anyone will tell you that words such as ‘Poo’, ‘Bum’, ‘Willy’ and ‘Pants’ are the words that make most four year olds laugh hysterically. Enter….Pants by Giles Andreae. This is a brightly coloured, rhyming book which you can almost read in song. It’s great for encouraging rhyming words which Sofia is hugely into at the moment. Childrens Books - Pants
Each Peach, Pear Plum
We got given this as a present when Sofia was born and because it was a nice thick hardback copy I started reading it to her when she had a bit of a bedtime routine. Now years on it’s still one of her favourites – she knows most of the words and loves spotting the different characters hiding somewhere in the pages.
What are your favourite children’s books? We’d love to add more to our collection!