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Mama, you are enough.

Do you know those days when you have a ton of things to do, a list as long as Shaq O’Neill’s legs and none of it involves the kids, but they get dragged along to run the chores with you anyway.
You’ve had a shit night/week/month/years of sleep so you’re already narky and then the toddler has a tantrum. In the middle of the shopping centre. You think about how easy it was to do the simple things before you had children and the life you took for granted. And you miss it. God you even yearn for it to come back. Rather like your figure which has fallen by the wayside, along with your mind.
But those carefree days didn’t involve cuddles just at the time you need them, they didn’t involve you looking at your ‘mum tum’ in amazement that once your baby was in there, they didn’t involve the guilt you feel for being a shit mum and then have your baby crawl up to your legs and give you a big toothy grin, they didn’t involve the days you really want to stay in bed but you don’t because you’ve got little mouths to feed breakfast and big eyes to put Cbeebies on for, they didn’t involve that feeling after your working week is done and you pick up your kids from nursery and they run at you with open arms and excitedly tell you all the way home what they’ve made and who they’ve played with.
So those days you’re feeling down because you’re so tired, feeling guilty for running the errands with kids who’d rather be in soft play, feeling the torment that you’ve sent your baby to nursery and they screamed when you left. Parenting is hard. Sometimes it’s really shit and you feel like walking away from it, but just remember those spontaneous cuddles, the ones you didn’t ask for – and remember, you are enough.
Those little people love us for what we are; we love them, we protect them and we provide for them. And often we are all they need, even when we do sound like a broken record after one whinge too many.
In the words of that wise chap Dr Seuss – “to the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world