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Mummy nightmares

Mummy nightmares are a daily occurrence for most of us with offspring. Do you ever feel like your life never runs smoothly now that you have a baby on board? It’s such a strange feeling to go from a life where you only have yourself to worry about, to a life where you have tiny humans to consider as well.
Do you remember when life used to revolve around you and everything you wanted to get out of it? Now you’re lucky if your coffee is anything more than lukewarm!  Having children can really drive you to the edge some days, but the good definitely does outweigh the bad. Honest! 
Home falling apart
The home is a place where you know anything can go wrong, and the only person to judge you is going to be the people within the four walls of your home. But when things start to go wrong, everything really goes wrong doesn’t it! If the fridge was to break, you’d have a nightmare on your hands. There’d be no food or way of feeding your family (unless like me, your kids live on beige snacks – crackers being every parents survival pack, right?!)  If the fridge did go kaput, don’t panic, there’s always McDonald’s and then when the time comes to fix it you could contact a company like Maytag Fridge Repairs to get the ball rolling. 
Public nightmares
Going out in public is always a potential stress, especially with young children. Any sort of accident can happen, and a parent worst is when there’s a toilet emergency that couldn’t be avoided, and there’s no spare change of clothes. My top tip is to always carry a spare set of clothes, wipes and nappy sacks to put the wet clothes in. .
Problems at school
Problems at school is just something you don’t want to deal with. It would be nice to know that your children are always going to fly through school with lots of friends. To kickstart that, get them to join sports clubs. Encourage them to talk to everyone, join groups, and make friends anyway that they can. The more friends they have, the fewer nightmares you’re going to deal with.