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What to pack in your changing bag

My changing bag essentials | What’s in our changing bag?

I’ll start by throwing it out there…I don’t even have a changing bag anymore, I’ve got a rucksack…and sometimes it’s a carrier bag chucked underneath the buggy. With Sofia I had a number of changing bags – it was the fashion accessory; I had a Bababing and a Pacapod. With Arlo I had a Primark rucksack and then more recently an ArtSac Workshop rucksack I picked up in TKMaxx – no expense spared! 

Wondering what to pack in your changing bag? Here’s a look at what’s in ours!

  • It goes without saying that wipes and nappies/pull up’s are in there. We use Mum & You baby wipes and Aldi nappies. 
  • Nappy sacks are a godsend – they can be used for their purpose of dirty nappies – but also wet clothes and shoes and dirty spoons and pots.
  • Calpol – because, simply, what is life without a dose of calpol to hand?
  • Spare dummy – Arlo is a firm dummy lover and I’ve lost count of the times he’s lobbed his out of the pushchair around town only for me to discover shops later that it’s gone and off I run to Boots to spend another £6 on replacements, so now I have a spare in the bag at all times. I actually have a ‘Keep-it-kleen‘ as the spare because it snaps shut when dropped or rolling around in the bottom of the bag – no fluffy teats here!
  • Spare clothes – I always take one spare set of clothes in the changing bag as back up, you never know when you might get caught out. I tend to just leave a babygro in there as outfit changes are few and far between and that way it’s not an outfit set getting creased and crumpled! Don’t forget socks, you never know when you’re going to hit the dizzy heights of soft play and it saves spending £1 on a pair at the gates!
  • Beaker – I always take a drink with us, but if you haven’t got a drink to hand it is well worth leaving a sippy cup or beaker in the bag. There’s nothing worse than going out and realising that you’ve forgotten their drink and they haven’t quite mastered drinking from a bottle/straw.
  • Snacks – I breed snack machines, I’d probably say that at least half of the changing bag contents is snacks. We love the Kiddilicious bags of treats, boxes of raisins, twin packs of biscuits, individually wrapped brioches and packs of crisps are our go-to favourite snacks!

Because it’s a rucksack – dad’s carry it too. Winner!

  • Emergency jar of food & spoon – dependent on babies age, I recommend putting in an emergency pouch. Until Arlo was old enough for ‘off the shelf’ stuff, I always had a jar and spoon in the bag. And before that, a bottle and a pre-made Aptamil. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in a traffic jam or the car breaks down – be prepared.
  • Plasters – Trips and grazed knees and elbows are easily fixed with a character plaster. I’ve lost count of the number of times that Anna and Elsa have come to the rescue on Sofia’s bleeding knees.
  • Fold out changing mat – I always think the changing tables in public loo’s are rank. So many times I’ve gone in and seen smears of brown stuff, crumbs and grossness. So when I was in B&M Bargains I picked up a foldaway travel changing mat and it comes everywhere with us. It’s great for providing a soft place if changing bums on the grass or for putting on top of the changing tables. Every couple of weeks I just put it through the washing machine.
  • Anbesol – I always have a tube of this for in the house and on the move, this is the only thing that I’ve found for both the kids that works on sore, teething gums.
  • Mussy for wiping faces, offering comfort or shading the sun. Arlo was recently gifted these gorgeous personalised ones are from Able Labels.
  • Hand sanitizer – nothing like a bit of sanitizing hand gel to keep you feeling fresher and clean. If there’s no sinks around near picnic time we grab the wet wipes, give our hands a scrub and then hand gel up!
  • Milton sterilising wipes – because kids sharing highchairs in public places make me shudder, I know how grubby and gross my child is when eating. Giving the highchair tray and sides a quick Milton wipe down puts my freaky germ mind to rest.~My phone, purse, car keys and lip balm are also chucked in there somewhere too!

In the Summer we have spare sun hats, sun cream and cooling spray and in the Winter we swap out for hats, snoods and gloves!

What essentials do you have in your changing bag?