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renovation - new kitchen with tiled wall

This year’s kitchen trends

With our plans going back in for (hopefully!) approval – it’s got me all excited for what our ‘new house will look like. Especially the kitchen!

Here’s some of the top trends that I’ve got my eye on!
With space at a premium, there seems to be a trend towards more compact kitchens. These are kitchen areas that take up less space in the house but actually feel no less limited. The trick is to choose a kitchen that helps to minimise clutter and maximise efficiency. 
So how is this accomplished? Well, you need to consider the layout carefully. Ensure that every inch of the space is used to its full potential. One way of doing this is to use very tall cabinets along one wall. It gives you your excellent storage space and cuts down on clutter. Everything is out or sight. 
In our age of instant gratification it seems that even waiting for the kettle to boil is something of an inconvenience. Especially when you drink as much tea as I do! Enter hot water taps. And I’m not talking about the ones you use to wash the dishes. We’re talking here about boiling water you can use for your mug of tea!
This trend is gathering pace in new Kitchen Renovations as more and more people indulge in the time saving feature. Not only do they save huge amounts of time while working from home, you also reduce your energy bills and contribute to lower carbon emissions. Win win! 
Since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve become very familiar with one thing. Or perhaps you should make that four things, the same four walls! Because of the seclusion during the pandemic people have turned to colour to influence their mood and create interest. 
Colour is a trend in every part of the home at the moment, but it has also spilled into the kitchen. Bold colours in particular are popular with reds and yellows leading the way. If you want to modernise your kitchen this year consider a switch to a inspiring bold colour scheme. 
Traditionally dark colours in kitchens were used as accent colours. These work particularly well for worktops and splashback surfaces. Often the darker surfaces would be offset with lighter tones to create an inviting contrast. This is still the case but dark surfaces are growing more dominant. 
Picture a kitchen with glossy black work tops, floors and walls, accented with gold trims or white details. These darker tones also work well with dark wood and textured wood. These darker tones and rich wood materials bring a certain degree of sophistication to your kitchen
In a similar vein to a colourful kitchen, one of the main reasons for the captivating tile trend has been the limitations of the pandemic. People have been spending a lot more time living and working in their home and want to create some new interest in living spaces. 
Along with colour, tiles are one excellent way to do this. Tiles not only offer a creative array of patterns and textures, they are also very functional – tiles are easy to clean and long lasting. If you’re looking to bring a new dimension to your kitchen consider captivating tiles.
*This is a collaborative post.