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border terrier puppy out for a walk

Tips for improving your dogs happiness

Whether you’re thinking about getting a dog or already have one, you’ll know what a responsibility they can be. Like a child, they’re a full-time commitment. Dogs need a lot of love and affection and if you’re looking at improving your dogs happiness, keep reading….

Improve their comfort
Dogs love to run around and play. However, they also appreciate their comforts. Just like humans, dogs also feel better after a good sleep. Being comfortable will improve their mood and their happiness as they will be able to get proper rest. 
The best place to start is their bed. Your dog will spend a lot of time in their bed relaxing and sleeping. Pawpedics dog beds can help your dog relieve muscle tension while they relax and sleep. The memory foam design contours to their body’s so that they can feel as comfortable as possible.
Create a routine
Dogs are creatures of habit and they appreciate a routine. A lack of routine can confuse your dog and impact their happiness. 
A routine will let them know what to expect and when. For instance, if you walk every day at 6am then they will look forward to it. Although you can’t communicate that to them, they’ll soon get the hang of the routine…and expect it.  
If you struggle with a routine yourself, then at least set one time in the day where you care for your dog. Whether that is first thing in the morning or at night, giving them care and attention at the same time every day will allow them to feel well cared for and will satisfy their need for a routine. Infact, research shows that routine can help to train a dog
Plenty of exercise
Most dogs are highly energetic and it’s essential to help them expend their energy to satisfy their activity needs. Without exercise, dogs can become grumpy or lazy. 
Encouraging exercise will help them to expel some of that pent up energy and also allow you to have quality time with your dog. I love me and Bert’s early morning walks, a bit of me time whilst he gets to run around and stretch his legs after his long nights sleep!
You don’t always have to go on a walk to fulfil your dog’s exercise needs. Playing around in the garden is another great way to have time together. Any type of exercise will help improve their happiness and ensure they have fun. 
*This is a collaborative post.