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two recipe books stacked on chopping board

The best Pinch of Nom recipes – as taste tested by me!

If you’re anything like me, you love a bit of nosh. A tasty and healthy meal is the stuff dreams are made of – and Pinch of Nom have absolutely cracked it!

Here are a selection of my Pinch of Nom favourites…

#1 Doner Kebab
I’m guilty of loving a kebab, not even when drunk – just on an average night. This recipe hits the nail on the head and now I can eat one of my favourites guilt-free…and without the wait for a delivery!

#2. Campfire Stew
Everyone’s favourite Slimming World recipe, the good old campfire stew. I love anything that I don’t have to fuss about with for long and so the fact I can dump all of the ingredients into my slow cooker means this is perfect for busy days.
#3. Cherry Cola Pulled Pork
With a twist on the diet coke chicken, comes this mouth watering cherry cola pulled pork. I’m not actually a fan of cherry coke as a drink, but in this recipe it worked so well. This one’s on our meal plan regularly!
pinch of nom recipe - cherry cola pulled pork
#4. Cuban Beef
I love a hearty, winter warming meal and this hits the nail on the head. As I’m not a fan of peppers, I just miss these out from the recipe. Again, it’s another slow cooker meal which means you can chuck it in in the morning and then return home to the rich smell of bubbling beef!
#5. Leek and Bacon Tartiflette

Is there anything better than cheese, bacon and potato? I’d argue that there’s not much to rival it. This recipe is one of my go-to’s, I’ll even do this one just for me if Stu’s out as it’s super easy to do.
#6. Hot & Sour Soup
This is one of my favourite batch-cooked lunch recipes to make and whack in the freezer. When I worked in the office (remember those days?) I’d make this at least one a month and look forward to it when I knew it was waiting for me in the fridge downstairs ready to be heated.
pinch of nom recipe - hot and sour soup
#7. Quesadilla
We have this one a lot. It’s always featured highly on the meal planner. Lots of gooey (light) mozzarella draped over a selection of meats and jalapenos – we serve ours was a tomato, cucumber, red onion and avocado side salad. And mine, with an extra dollop of Nando’s perinaise.
#8. Pizza Loaded Fries

Because when two of my favourite foods are combined in to one dish – and I’m reliably informed are ultra low in calories. Then I’m not turning it down. And this one definitely doesn’t disappoint!
#9. Halloumi and Smoky Bacon Hash
Anything with Halloumi in it always shoots to the top of the list for me. This is a delicious brunchy meal with main ingredients being bacon, tomatoes and potato…all topped off with a fried egg, cooked to how you like it.

The recipes I’ve chosen are a mixture from the Pinch of Nom Everyday Light and Slimming Home Style Recipe Books…