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toddler and a dog

What you need to know when you get a dog

There’s a big difference between ‘wanting a dog’ and ‘actually having a dog.’ A lot of people get lured by the idea of those summer morning walks along the beach or through the forest, only to find out that those moments are few and far between. They’re part of the fun, sure, but they don’t comprise the bulk of the experience!

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, then take a read of some of the essential things to know before taking the plunge.
Everyone should be involved
When you’re bringing a dog into a family home, then it’s not fair if only one or two people are onboard with the idea. Everyone should be involved, and especially the adults. Getting a dog because the children were asking for one on repeat is a recipe for disaster! While they can bring a lot of joy, there’s a lot of hard work involved too so you’ll need to be committed. 
It’s hard work
Before you get to enjoy all the benefits of having a dog, you’ll need to train him or her to behave properly. Canines are ripe for domestication, but they’re still animals at heart, and if you want them to sit on command, behave around humans and other dogs, and leave your valuables alone when they’re looking for something to chew, then you’ll have to put time into your training. You’ll definitely experience some “why did we get a dog?” moments before you can enjoy the good times!
The essentials
Instead of becoming bamboozled by all the responsibilities and myriad aspects of dog ownership, look at keeping things simple. This will involve setting up a cosy, comfortable sleeping space for your dog; Bobby Bed do some really stylish and cosy calming dog beds. It’ll mean stocking up on Chappie dog food so that they can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals and ensuring that they’re spending enough time both inside and outside. 
Getting the home ready
You can’t just bring a dog into a home that isn’t ready for one. Well you can, but you might find that the quality of your home decreases, since they’re liable to make a mess and eat  just about anything! Before you bring your dog into the home, make sure that you’re taking steps to keep everything running smoothly. This may involve switching to flooring and fabrics that are easier to clean, or installing artificial grass in the garden. It’s also recommended that you install a gate, so that your new pet can’t run into the road should they make it out of the front door. 
Getting into the rhythm 
A lot of people get a pet dog, and then not so long later, end up regretting their decision. They find that it’s a lot of hard work. This is especially the case if it’s a puppy, since they have to go through the training process. While you might feel a little overwhelmed in the beginning, it’s important to remember that this time will pass. 
It’s awesome
The last thing you need to know is that owning a dog…can be awesome. Curling up on the couch, receiving love when you return home from work, and spending many enjoyable hours exploring the outdoors with your best canine friend –  there’s a lot to love, so throw yourself into it. Read about our first month with Bert the Border Terrier here!
*This is a collaborative post.