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Top signs your home needs new radiators

There are many different ways that you can upgrade your home and having a house that’s looking swanky is the goal for most people. A well maintained house has a good electric and plumbing system, and it also has tidy gardens, a good boiler and a heating system that really does work well. It’s not always a likely thing that a boiler needs to be replaced, but you might find that your radiators need a change after a decade or so.

Some people get new radiators because they want to modernize and others get them because of years of leaks causing rust and similar issues. Companies like Trade Radiators are right there for anyone who wants to upgrade and it’s easier when you know who to ask. It can be a huge danger to you and your family to choose to have a radiator that you don’t get seen or looked after properly. It’s also a danger to try and disconnect a radiator yourself, so calling the experts is imperative. So, what are the signs that your home needs a radiator replacement? Let’s take a look!

  1. It’s been in the house for longer than a decade. Fifteen years or so is the general timespan for a radiator. Routine maintenance can help when it comes to prolonging the life of one, but you need to consider whether it’s been this long or even longer or not. If you have had radiators on the walls, they need to be well managed so that you can keep them living for longer! 
  2. You have a low energy efficiency rating. Radiators are rated on an A-G scale and A is the most energy efficient out there. If your radiator is falling in its efficiency you have to look at how you can make it better. The best way to do that is to replace the radiator – it’s cost effective and ups your efficiency much faster. 
  3. It’s not heating up. Radiators aren’t just fashionable, they serve a purpose. You need yours to warm up when you switch it on no matter how many times you bleed it and help the pressure to be relieved. You need to know that your radiator will keep your family warm, and that means starting with the model you have!
  4. The flame is turning yellow. Did you know that your heater is in danger mode if it’s yellow and not blue in flame? Carbon monoxide is a silent killer because you cannot smell a leak or see one. You need to ensure that you aren’t poisoning your family inadvertently. 
  5. You have to keep calling the repair team. You shouldn’t be spending more on repairs than the radiator itself. If you are repairing more than you are just living, you need to consider what you’re doing!

Your home radiators need replacement if you notice any of these signs and you should hop on it! You don’t want it to fall apart too soon and that means being proactive.