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Travel destinations Post-Covid | How do you choose?

Travelling is, of course, the last thing on everyone’s mind at the moment. During this coronavirus crisis, all we can do is hold out and hope for the pandemic to slow. I know the thought of a holiday right now is keeping me going.. 

I’m dreaming about potential holiday destinations, even if the travel industry is shaky at the minute. Of course I’m not going to be booking flights or anything but I like to use it as a coping mechanism to protect my mental health.
Here are four tips that should come in handy when picking your perfect destination when this is all over…
Which Borders Are Open?
The main issue for travellers is that countries are going to keep their borders shut for some time. Therefore, an international getaway may be very tricky even after the restrictions are eased. There are small signs that certain locations may be open a lot faster than others. Spain and Italy, for instance, as well as the US, are the worst-hit areas and won’t open to outsiders for a long time. On the other hand, citizens in Beijing are back on the streets. Group tours to China were popular before, and they should continue to be popular once this is all over.
It’s an incredible country that has been through a lot and needs international support if its people are going to recover economically.
A Staycation, Then?
While helping the less fortunate residents of the world is an excellent reason to travel, you may have some reservations. Not about your health, but the potential risks. There’s nothing to say that borders won’t shut again and leave you stranded abroad like Brits in Peru and India. 
All you know for certain is that the UK is the safest and least risky place to go on holiday when the state of emergency is lifted. At least if the restrictions are reinstated, you can travel home in less than a day and be back in your humble abode. 
Travelling around your home country is a piece of cake if you plan it right. Don’t be afraid to miss London off your list – sure, the capital is amazing, but there are plenty of other places you haven’t seen that are just as special. The Peak and Lake Districts are two havens for nature-lovers, while Edinburgh is full of culture and history and there are plenty of unusual things to do in York.
What About Cheap Flights?
Flights are going to be inexpensive for a short period until the industry picks back up again. If you’re willing to take the risk, you can organise a family holiday or a solo adventure at a cut-throat rate. As a result, a savvy move is to keep an eye on the costs regardless of the destination.
The odds are high that there will be several incredible locations to choose from that are as cheap as each other. Why? It’s because this health crisis is going to have a significant impact on people’s travel patterns, which will have a knock-on effect on prices. If the demand is low, the airlines can’t validate charging the same rates. If you fancy something a bit more special after this turbulent year, treat yourself to a private jet charter experience – if that sounds like your thing then Jettly is definitely the site to check out!
Who Will Insure You?
You must factor in your insurance policy before you schedule a future holiday. Right now, insurers are claiming that the crisis is no longer an unforeseen circumstance and are refusing to payout. In essence, anything Coronavirus-related will void your policy. Some insurance companies have stopped selling plans altogether.
So you will need to find an insurer that will sell you a service, and secondly, you should try as hard as possible to include Covid-19. If companies flat-out refuse, make sure you ask what constitutes voiding of your policy. Write it down and record the conversation if possible so that you have a safety net.
The destination will depend on where the safest place to visit is, and that includes the level of coverage you secure.
*This is a collaborative post.