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colourful houses by river in europe

The best way to travel around Europe

If you’re already starting to plan for your post-pandemic travels, then here are a lot of things to keep in mind here, and it will all change depending on where in the world you are thinking of visiting. This travel lark is never easy is it?!

Here are some of the best ways to travel around Europe and see as much of it as you can within the time that your holiday allowances allows!
Preparing For Travel
As with any trip, you do need to make sure that you are fully preparing for your travels before you actually do it. That means that you might want to think ahead about what you are planning to do, and make any necessary arrangements that you might need to make. If you are coming from outside Europe, then you will firstly need to think about your right to visit and visas, and that is something that can be surprisingly complex, even if you have done it many times before – partly because the rules seem to change all the time.
To make it easier to learn about and obtain your visa for Europe, visit europe-visa.com. You’ll find a lot of useful information there to help you on your way to getting the right visa for you and your family, and that is going to mean that you feel so much more ready for your travels on the whole.
One of the most famously enjoyable ways to see Europe is to go interrailing. This means that you are taking a train from one place to another, there is an official company that can help with all your travel plans – aptly named Interrail.
With Interrail, you can make taking the training around Europe so much easier. Essentially what happens is that you buy a pass, choosing how much time you think you are going to be travelling, to how many countries, and how many actual days of travel within that time frame too. From there, you can choose which pass suits you best, and you won’t need to buy any more train tickets.
It is a really great way to travel around Europe, as you will get to see many of the towns and cities that make up these beautiful countries, and see lots of beautiful landscapes too. If you’re a keen backpacker, this is probably the way to go. But be warned: although you won’t need to buy any more train tickets, you might need to sometimes pay a fee for booking a seat on the carriage – and on some services, this is mandatory. So keep some money aside for those kinds of surprises. All in all, however, it’s a wonderful way to see Europe.
Although the bus might not be your number one choice for long distances, you might be surprised at just how comfortable they can be these days – with great aircon most of the time too! It might not be the way to get between countries, but if you are travelling within a country the bus is still one of the best options available to you regardless. If you are on a Greek island and you want to get to the other side, there is no better option.
One great thing about going by bus is that it is incredibly affordable, and this means that you can spend more money on simply having fun. Make sure that you book ahead as far as possible, for the sake of ease, but also so that you are a lot safer. It really does make a difference compared to just picking up a bus that happens to pass by (although this can save you a lot of the time as well, of course).
Car Rental
Again, if you are travelling within one country, you might want to consider using the roads – but instead of going by bus, you could rent a private car. There are many distinct and obvious advantages to this: for one thing, you know that you are going to have the space to yourself, which is obviously different from public transport of all times. That also means you can go exactly where you want, not merely in roughly the right direction, which makes seeing what you want to see a lot easier.
On the downside, some places are downright frightening to drive through, especially some of the larger cities, and often the roads are not as safe as what you might be used to at home. All in all, however, it is a mode of transport worth considering, and it can be a good way to discover nooks and crannies you might never have seen otherwise.
By Foot
Finally, if you are relatively fit and healthy and you enjoy the experience of going out and seeing the world, you might want to consider going by foot. Walking has many health advantages for you mentally and physically, as well as being a great way to see places you can’t get to in any other way. There is also nothing quite like walking to help you get a sense of the landscape of a place, which is really what a place is all about. The more you walk Europe, the more of a sense of the continent’s various identities you will have.
*This is a collaborative post.