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7 Essential Home Improvements You Should Consider Before Moving

Are you moving soon? The thought of it always excited me, but then when reality sets in and I’m surrounded by boxes not being able to find the teabags (and gin) the novelty very soon wears off! Before you pack your boxes, there are a few basic home improvements that may make life easier on the other side.

Interior Painting
Painting your home is a lot of work, but it will make the new space feel more homely. You’ll have to plan for open hours when you don’t need access to those rooms – but it’s great fun testing paints and choosing the perfect colour for you. You can really put your stamp on the place!
Upgrade Your Shelves and Wardrobe Space
It’s always a good idea to make sure you have plenty of storage space for clothes or other belongings. You can create space in many ways – shelving solutions are available at home improvement stores, and there are DIY options to add shelving anywhere from the ceiling to inside your closet. 
Change the Exterior Door Locks
If you’re moving into a home with different exterior door handles than your old place, be sure to change the locks before moving in. Many times this is overlooked, and people end up with unsafe doors. You could also use a mobile key cutting truck to make spares for yourself and your designated spare key holder! 
Repair Roof Leaks
If you find a home with water or roof leaks, make sure you have them repaired before moving in. This will save both time and money- leaks make the house less attractive, but they may cause damage to your belongings too.
Insulate Your Home
Insulate your home correctly and reduce your energy costs – and it’s the best way to stay warm during winter. Insulation is a significant project if you’re moving from a warmer climate to one that has colder winters. Check out Home Advisor for more information about insulation, including its costs and what’s involved in projects. 
A few other projects to consider are installing a new HVAC system, making sure gutters and downspouts direct water away from your home, then replacing the roofing shingles and sealing any cracks in basement walls.
Fix Flooring, Carpets and Walls
No matter your status in life, you’ll want to have floors, carpets, and walls in good condition when you move into a new home. These furnishings will take time to unpack, and it’s best to wait until after the dust settles from unpacking boxes before decorating. You can also consider having extra money for flooring or carpet replacement when you’re buying the house.
Inspect and Upgrade Fire Response System
When moving to a new home, inspect the fire response system before anything else to ensure safety. If there’s a fire emergency and you can’t get out or call for help, it places everyone at risk.
A few other projects before moving in are installing a new smoke detector, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide alarm.
*This is a collaborative post.