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A letter to Arlo on your 4th birthday

Dearest Arlo, my brown eyed boy…
It’s your 4th birthday today and your second spent in lockdown. Though I really don’t think you mind!
You go to nanny and gamps’ and nana and pops’ on alternating Mondays, Tuesday – Thursday you’re at nursery and Friday is ‘Mummy and Arlo’ day. On those days, I try to take you out to places but more often than not you just want to chill at home, unless a trip to the zoo is on the cards, and then you’re always raring to get up and go.

You absolutely love animals of any type; wild or farm. You’re still massively into Paw Patrol and you’ve recently discovered dinosaurs too. Your best friend is definitely gamps and your favourite days are spent collecting the chicken eggs, chasing the sheep and brushing the pigs.
A tale of two halves. You are either cuddly and loving or fighting and causing mischief. There isn’t really any in-between with you. You will sit for hours doing Lego or colouring. You are an AMAZING little artist, the things you draw and colour leave me feeling so proud. You can also ride a bike now, you seemed to just jump on and cycle away – you seem to be that kid that ‘just picks things up’.
Since we got rid of your dummy, we have lost the chilled little boy who would sit for hours watching TV and films, as you’ve grown you’ve lost your ability to sit and watch anything for longer than 10 minutes. Just like your big sister!
Your feet had a growth spurt in lockdown and you shot up to a size 8.5, you are still in age 2-3 clothes. You’re definitely going to be a borrower like me and daddy. Sorry kid!
My name is said about a thousand times a day, and you won’t ever tell us what it is you want. We have to ‘come here Mummy’ before he reveals what he needs.
If I had to sum you up in three words it would be these; Stubborn. Boisterous. Loving.
Keep being you Arlo, we can’t wait to watch you grow. We love you a ridiculous amount and you seem to get away with far too much than you really should.
Love always, Mummy xx