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mum and baby in the 80's

You might recognise a few of these if you’re a child of the 90’s

I’m 37 now, so I was prime for the 90’s phase. Forget social media, skinny jeans and stilettos – we had Dreamphone, Kappa trackies and pumped up patent wedges…

You might recognise a few of these if you grew up in the 90’s…

  1. You wasted a good amount of your pocket money visiting the cinema (numerous times) to watch Titanic, just so you could brush legs with your crush
  2. Magazines (Smash Hits and Fast Forward I’m looking at you) were made of thin paper. Which was really inconvenient when you wanted to kiss your Mark Owen ‘Junkie’s baddy powder’ poster before bed each night…
  3. The 90’s kids, were the die-hard Take That fans
  4. You used to put concealer on your lips to create the one tone effect – and no blusher
  5. There were two clear clothing choices – the shiny shell suit tracksuit bottoms with the poppers from thigh to ankle (a la sporty spice) or skin tight bootlegs with high shine platform wedges
  6. Night outs were satin spaghetti strap camisole dresses with pearly white tights
  7. Chokers, snap bands and ‘shag’ bands…you couldn’t get enough tacky plastic on wrists and necks in the 90’s
  8. Patterned leggings and sweater shop sweatshirts were my jam, with Fruit of the Loom polo shirts underneath
  9. You giggled and blushed reading ‘Forever’ by Judy Blume, and hid it under your mattress for fear of your mum finding your soft porn novel- and even now you can’t keep a straight face when you hear the name ‘Ralph’
  10. More’s! position of the fortnight was the first page you turned to. They had reverse cowgirl down in the early 90’s
  11. Lips were pretty much sponsored by Rimmel’s coffee/heather shimmer and body fragrance was White musk or Charlie Red
  12. Ant & Dec were just plain old PJ & Duncan (getting ready to rumble) and not an NTA in sight
  13. Neil Buchanan and Pat Sharp were TV heroes – so was Jimmy Saville actually, but less said about that the better.
  14. You used to record Radio 1 on your cassette and play/pause to learn the words to Finally Found by the Honeyz. Or maybe that was just me?
  15. You learnt how to do intricate origami as you passed notes to your friends in class. And always delivered as little rectangles with the corners folded under….
  16. …and covered your text books in wrapping paper. Move over smiggle.
  17. Spice Girls peach lollies were all the rage. Zig-a-zig- eurgh
  18. There was a thing called dial-up and you had to make sure no one was using the landline – and there was no way you could make calls before 6pm
  19. Sun In became a thing which basically just dyed everyone’s hair the same tone of ginger
  20. Sunny Delight was a totally artificial juice drink, which dyed your insides ginger too
  21. Poker straight hair? Forget GHD’s, it was ALL about the crimping
  22. Tetris was big business on the Gameboy
  23. We got to see Home Alone before the hype – and the terrible ‘Lost In New York’ sequel (and they still haven’t been reported to Social Services)
  24. We also had the luscious locks of Hansen – mmmm bop
  25. It was a very sad trip on the school bus in July 1995 when it was announced that Robbie had left Take That. There was a helpline set up and it was overrun.
  26. You always had to have two wet look gelled (and then hair sprayed) bits hanging down each side of your face whilst the rest of your hair was scurfed back in a crushed velvet scrunchie. If you were totally extra you could glitz the front bits up with hair mascara.
  27. The soundtrack to our lives was Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrisette
  28. You actually rented videos. From a shop. RIP Blockbuster.
  29. We took photos on actual cameras and had to wait to get them developed down SpeedyPrint (they weren’t that speedy)
  30. If you were really posh you also had a video camera to film special occasions, and your parent used to sling it over their shoulder like a recording version of a ghetto blaster
  31. You remember Philip Schofield first time round, when he just sat in a broom cupboard with a puppet on his hand
  32. Move over Paris Hilton, YOU were the IT girl if you got your hands on the Nokia 3210
  33. Penny sweets used to cost 1p, and you could actually pick your own and shopkeepers trusted you to tell them how many were in the bag
  34. Who needs actual mobiles, when you had the pink Dreamphone? ‘Hellooooo Dan’
  35. Typing 80087355 into your calculator, was a sure fire way to get LOLS in maths
  36. You shopped at Tammy Girl to start then moved up to Jane Norman…buying the smallest item just so you could get the string handled bag to take into school
  37. You got your school skirt measured by kneeling on the ground and the head teacher measuring it with a ruler, and then came the skirt over trouser trend….
  38. Lava lamps were THE thing to own

And if you haven’t choked on the smell of your own impulse fumes, then as far as I’m concerned you weren’t really a child of the 90’s…