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Christmas Gift Guide | Gift ideas for the office Secret Santa

Whether you’re in charge of arranging the office Secret Santa or just struggling to buy yours, I thought I’d put together some of the perfect gifts to buy for your office Secret Santa – and they’re all under £15!

Be warned, the list contains a few items that may make the receiver blush. But, isn’t that half of the fun?!

christmas gift guide
If you’re not familiar with ‘Secret Santa’ it’s a gift exchange usually carried out within offices, where everyone is set a minimum/maximum amount of money to buy a present for another member of the work team. The old school way see’s names pulled out of a hat, though there are also automated ones online – either way, the idea is to keep it confidential so that noone knows who’s got who! Then you get shopping for something fun, silly or rude – depending on how good their sense of humour is.  On the last day before the office closes for Christmas, each person then has to collect their present and open it in front of everyone – which is where all the fun lies.

So without further ado, here’s my Office Secret Santa Gift round up:

  1. Beard Baubles – Have you picked out the bushy beard guy in your office? Ta-da! Here’s the perfect gift for him. Findmeagift are currently selling these for £4, so you’ll no doubt get some change from the budget, and maybe you can put it towards decorating other parts of their body too? There’s plenty of ideas in the list below.
  2. Nails Inc – You can’t go too wrong with this sensible gift. Ideal for the new girl that you don’t know too well and don’t want to embarrass with a saucy pressie.
  3. ‘Ick’ Mug – They also have ‘Unt’ mugs in the same collection, so you’ve got two options to offend your receiver!
  4. Candy Posing Pouch – Is there a boy about town that likes to boast about the size of his manhood? Then what better way to adorn it than with an edible candy pouch.
  5. Disney Eye Mask – For the girl who parties too hard, treat her to a cooling gel eye mask from the Disney range at Primark. At £3.50 you could also get her favourite bottle of fizz!
  6. Inflatable Jesus – After all, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Perhaps your office mate might be lonely this Christmas – treat them to the big man himself, once you’ve inflated him you can play and pray with him.
  7. Cup Holder – Whether they do the tea run or you want to give them a huge hint to start doing it, this four cup Muggi tray helps you do the tea run without spilling a drop. Bloody genius!
  8. Five at The Office Christmas Party – This is the grown up version of Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ books. Join the Famous Five as they set out on the best office Christmas party ever, in the most traditional of fashions. But on no budget at all. Will they succeed, and make everyone happy?
  9. ‘Fucking Fucks’ mug – Let’s face it, if you’re a manager there’s going to be at least one fucker in your team. This is the ideal mug for them.
  10. Stress Boobs – What man, or woman, wouldn’t want to sit at their desk squeezing a pair of boobs? Or maybe be brave and get this for the asexual in the office, just wait for the blushes.
  11. Fart Extinguisher – Have you got a human fart machine in your office? Eliminate that odour with this mini fart extinguisher – small enough to fit in the top drawer of your filing cabinet!
  12. How to Poo at Work – Are they one of those who save dropping the kids off at the pool for work time? This is the ultimate toilet guide for work.
  13. ‘Email’ mug – If you get the boss, and you’re feeling brave, why not gift them the ‘I survived a meeting that could have been an email’ mug. I mean we all have those people who love the sound of their own voice enough to call a meeting which really could have just been an email.
  14. Winter Wonder Yankee Candle – Nothing says Christmas like a Yankee Candle. It’s a bit like the nail varnishes – if you don’t think Barbara in Accounts could handle the candy nipple tassles then maybe it’s best you play it safe and give them the smell of Christmas.

You can check out my stocking filler ideas here too.

Have you got any Secret Santa gems that you can share? Have you ever been embarrassed with a totally inappropriate office gift?!