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Dear Sofia | From Baby to School Girl

Dear Sofia,

You started school today.
After four and a half years being by my side – making me laugh, cry, marvel at your huge imagination and driven me up the wall with your non-stop questions and fearless tantrums, today marked the start of your new adventure.
Every milestone we’ve made together but today I wasn’t by your side.
In the lead up to d-day I was absolutely dreading it. I know you’re ready to take on this new chapter but I was so worried how you would adapt, if you’d be OK in your new school environment, if you would ask for help if you needed it or explain your feelings if something  didn’t feel quite right.
But when I saw you rushing out of your classroom at pick up time, I already knew you were going to be just fine.
It seems crazy to me that the little purple bundle who threw our world upside down with your sleepless arrival has suddenly taken her next independent steps into the big wide world – and I couldn’t be more proud of you. You’ve taken every thing in your stride, it’s been me that has been worrying and having sleepless nights dreading our first walk to school, waving you off through the classroom door and then walking away, without you. Not knowing if you will make friends or be brave enough to put up your hand for help, or ask to go to the toilet. What if you don’t like the lunch they serve you? What if you fall over – I hope you don’t do that thing where you try to be brave and hold in your tears but your chin wobbles.
I wonder where this education will take you. What you will become.
No matter where you end up in life, you will ALWAYS be my baby x