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Dress up remote worker, you need it!

COVID-19 has forced a big part of the workforce to work from home, me included. As a result, many employees and employers drastically changed their work routines, particularly when it came to dressing up.

During the series of lockdowns and social distancing protocols, people’s relationship with their clothes significantly shifted. The remote-based workforce now prefers convenience and comfort over style – read: lounge wear! 
In our current situation, dressing up to work from home may seem like an unnecessary chore, but it can make or break your day. Whether you’re a man who prefers an all-denim outfit or a woman who longs to wear her heels, just do it!
Why You Should Dress Up When Working Remotely
“Why do I bother with it?” you might ask. “It’s easier to work in the clothes I woke up in.”
It is but are you more productive working in them? Consider the reasons you should get up and dress up before you start working from home.
It Gives a Sense of Normality
Currently, the world lives in a “new normal” world filled with masks, social distancing and vaccinations. Still, a taste of the “old normal” is always welcome, no matter how mundane or small.
For instance, dressing up for work qualifies as “old normal” for many people. It used to be part of a routine we took for granted. Now, it can help you get used to the “new normal,” especially as you continue adjusting to the home-bound life.
It Establishes a Routine
You’ve probably heard this many times but yes, having a routine IS important, especially in a time when COVID-19 changed the way we do things. Having a routine helps you maintain a sense of control during a time when you feel a lack of it (which can cause anxiety and stress.)
Dressing up for work is a fun addition to your routine. If putting on work attire can help lessen your stress, so be it.
It Improves Your Self-Image
Dressing up for work gave people a boost of self-confidence. They could freely express themselves by the clothes they wore. Now, the pandemic has rendered most people stuck in their pyjamas and trackies. As a result, some people aren’t feeling too great about themselves.
For many people, when they look good, they feel good. It doesn’t matter if you wear your favourite blouse or your full work attire. If dressing up makes you feel better, go ahead!
It Keeps You Productive and Focused
You are what you wear – and this concept also applies when you work from home. After all, what you wear can either hurt or help your productivity and focus.
If you keep wearing your pyjamas all day, switching to work mode may be difficult since you associate your pyjamas with relaxation and rest. On the other hand, if you wear a work outfit a home, you’ll switch to work mode faster.
It Saves Time
This is especially true if your remote work arrangement involves plenty of video calls – I find lots of them come at the last minute. So instead of scrambling to look presentable, get dressed now, so you’ll be ready for an impromptu meeting.
How to Dress Up to Work From Home
Stay Casual But Look Put-Together
I like to strike a balance of polished and comfortable. I often choose an outfit  that I’d wear to a coffee shop or popping to the shops.
Dress Up According to Your Mood
The absence of dress codes makes it easier (and more fun) to dress up for work. Make the most out of the experience by expressing your mood via the clothes you wear. Express yourself through the colours you love. If you feel energetic, go for brighter shades. If you want to look more relaxed, switch to cooler shades like green and blue. Explore your wardrobe’s options!
Change Your Clothes Once You Clock Out
Once your shift ends, don’t forget to get out of your work clothes! Disengaging from work isn’t just shutting off your laptop; it also involves taking off your work-from-home clothes. Doing so helps your mind shift away from your work mode to relaxation mode.
In a time when pyjamas are the new work staple, you can be the difference. Get into the work mindset by dressing up, even if you are working from home!