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Few Ways Working Mothers Influence Children

I am a full time working mum – and oh my god, it is a balancing act. I balance my job whilst remembering all the school and club admin and other parenting duties, which is definitely more than challenging!

I decided to go back to work full time when Arlo started school and apparently studies show that kids who have working mothers are more likely to be successful in school, have higher self-esteem, and be more independent.

Working mothers have long been a topic of debate. Some people think that working mothers are bad for their children, while others believe they can be as successful as stay at home mums. I personally could not do that, I just don’t have that much patience‚Ķbut I take my hat off to those that do.

Working mothers can significantly impact and influence their children’s life; here’s how:


When children see their mums working hard, it can be inspiring. They see that their mothers can do more than take care of the home and raise children. This can give them a sense of confidence and make them feel like they can do anything they set their minds to. This motivates kids to do well in school and pursue their dreams. Such children also learn about persistence.


In families where both parents work, the children are often more independent. They learn how to take care of themselves and do things independently. This can be an essential skill, especially if the mother is not always around. More independent children are usually better able to handle difficult situations and are less likely to rely on others for help.

They learn to use their intellect more and make independent decisions. So, working mothers create a thriving environment for kids to grow in.

Manage Time

Working mothers have to manage their time very well. They can’t just focus on their job or their children; they have to find a way to balance the two. This is not easy, but it’s an essential skill for children to learn. When they see their mothers managing their time well, it teaches them how to do it. Children also do not take their mother’s efforts for granted, as they know that they are working overtime.

Such children also learn to value time and understand that not everything in life can be bought with money.

Positive Mindset

Children of working mothers see their mothers cooking while working on the laptop and juggling craft work. Moreover, such mothers get online chicken delivery for kids to satiate their hunger on working days.

On days that they are not working, mothers also cook for their children. This creates a positive mindset in the kids and allows them to see each situation positively. Also, when mothers are working, they are usually more relaxed and happy when they’re home with their children. This creates a positive environment for the children and helps them be more well-rounded individuals.

Financially Stable

Children get the best education when both parents are financially stable. This is because the child can get more opportunities and resources when both the parents are working. In many cases, one parent has to stay at home to take care of the children, often decreasing the quality of education that the child receives.

It’s also essential for children to see that their parents work hard to provide for them. This can give the children a sense of security and make them feel like they’re not alone in the world.


Each day is different with working mothers, so children adapt to change. This is an important skill to have, as it can help them in many situations. For example, if their mother has to work late one night, they’ll know how to cope with the situation and won’t be overly worried about it.

It’s also helpful for children to adapt to different environments. If they’re used to being around their mother all the time, they might feel uncomfortable when she’s not there. However, if they’re accustomed to seeing their mother in different situations, they’ll be more likely to adapt to change.

In addition, working mothers often have to deal with stressful situations. This can teach children how to handle stress.

These are a few ways working mothers affect their children’s growth. The individual will allow you to grow in more roles than one. So that brings about a massive change in the children’s psyche. The children absorb all the positive qualities from the situation and handle life better. Keep these factors in mind to ensure a better upbringing of your children.

*This is a collaborative post.