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Four ways to get your children interested in learning

Children are wondrous creatures. They have a magic within them; a magic that makes them naturally curious to pretty much everything around them. Or if your children are anything like Sofia, they’ll constantly question every aspect of everything they see. The minds of creative littlies!

When they go for a walk, they want to see everything, touch everything, smell the flowers on the way. They want to taste every food and hear every sound. When it comes to things like homework, the story can be very different. Sitting still for longer than five minutes? Forget about it.
The thing is, there’s so much more to education and learning than just what goes on inside a classroom. Yes, learning what a teacher is trying to get across is important, but when your child wants to be outside in the garden rather than listening about the importance of homework, things can get a little more difficult. The key is to get children engaged in what they are learning and interested in the subject being taught. No child wants to learn about the seaside by watching a teacher write about it on a whiteboard. They want to go on school trips to the beach to see the waves, smell the air and talk about the creatures that live inside it.
Education comes from doing and touching, making them think about what they’re learning and get them motivated to do it. So, how can you inspire your children to feel interested in learning more? 

  1. Read. There’s so much to learn from books; whether it be a textbook or a storybook. Words are like magic to a child and they conjure up pictures and helps them to imagine the scenes being described. Reading to your children every day, no matter how long the story, can help them to engage and feel excited.
  2. Fun. There is so much to learn in the world and you have to be the person to help your little one figure out what they could be interested in and steer them in that direction. If your child is mad about cars, go to a mechanic or family member who knows about cars and show them how to fix an engine. It’s about making learning fun.
  3. Goals. What is it that your child wants to do in life? Talk to them about their hopes and dreams and help them to learn the things that can make their dreams reality. When you understand what they want to know, you can help them learn everything to get there.
  4. Praise. Children only ever want to impress their elders. Once they get those gold stars and ticks and cheers of joy, they thrive on it. Praise your child as much as possible and help them to feel inspired and encouraged. It fuels a thirst for learning.

*This is a collaborative post.