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Give your wedding the wow factor

In your lifetime, you have been to a whole host of weddings, all of which have been impressive in their own different ways. When it comes to giving your wedding the “wow” factor, you want to make decisions that are perfect for you as a couple, whether you’re hoping to dazzle with sparkly decor or make everyone shed a tear with a personalised wedding favour. When it comes to impressing your guests, there are a number of different avenues you can take and here are just a few of your options.


Adding elements of personalisation into your wedding is the ideal way to make your guests say “wow!” Whether you’re gifting each of them with a unique poem written for each of them or a cookie with their initials on it, there are so many sweet ways to add personalisation to your special day.

Sparkly Elements

Everybody loves a bit of sparkle, especially at a wedding so why not go all out? Whether you’re adding a sparkly balloon arch for the perfect photo moment in the evening or you’re considering confetti cannons for the moment you arrive at your reception, there are numerous sparkly “wow” moments you could include on your wedding day. Don’t forget, you can also add sparkle to your wedding attire for some extra bedazzlement!

Fabulous Food and Drinks

One of the main things that most guests remember about a wedding day is the food and drink. It sounds sad to say so, but that’s often what they’re there for! A show stopping cocktail hour with a specialist drink of the day or uniquely served canapés after your wedding ceremony, is the ideal way to make everyone say “wow” as they enjoy your wedding day. Don’t forget about other food and drinks features you could add throughout the day too, such as pizza vans, hot chocolate stands, champagne towers, patisserie tables and so much more. Talk to your caterers about what they usually have to offer and you will soon start to get more inspiration for your big day.

Music and Entertainment

When it comes to choosing your wedding playlist, there are so many different directions you can go depending on your personal tastes. If it’s important to you to have everyone on their feet on the dance floor, you may want to opt for feel good tunes that everybody can enjoy together. Whether you’re opting for a DJ or live band, there are so many effective options you can discuss so that you have the ideal entertainment on the evening of your wedding.

Obviously, your wedding will be beautiful and special in its own right, even if you keep it simple and understated. What’s important is the people who are around; they’re here to celebrate the happy couple and support you on your journey into the future. With all of this in mind, you will soon have a whole host of wonderful “wow” factor ideas that help you to create the most incredible and memorable wedding ever!