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children at a wedding

Helping a wedding stay child-friendly

If you are expecting one, two, or many, children at your wedding you might think in advance about how you’re to best cater to them. Children can become quite upset or bored with the formal pace, and while that doesn’t mean you need to hire children’s entertainers or a bouncy castle outside of the wedding reception, a few arrangements here and there can help them stay comfortable and engaged during the course of the day….leaving your ears tantrum-free.

There are a few things to consider for the kids – without it becoming a completely tacky affair!
Is It Appropriate?
First off, it might be worth considering if your affair is even suitable for children in the first place. We didn’t have any at our wedding! This can seem selfish from the eyes of parents, but if that’s what you want, you and your partner deserve your wedding to run exactly how you like. And speaking from a parents point of view, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself having the kids around – plus, it will save them a day of boredom and unpredictability, which you cannot blame them for!
If you do decide children are welcome at your wedding, it can be important to consider how to engage them. During your service it might be that keeping some quite toys at the back of the room can keep them occupied, or purchasing them colouring books, or letting them bring their handheld console (provided it’s on silent!). Ask each parent if there’s anything you can do to help their children stay engaged and not bored during the service. Some children will be fine, but some parents might take this as a hint to implement a more worthwhile method of care.
It can be worthwhile bringing in some fun novelties during the course of the day. We’re not suggesting that you need to bring a clown to your own wedding day, but perhaps asking a friend who can craft balloon animals might help when everyone’s waiting for the food. You may decide to bring in a wedding photo booth to gain the most beautiful and amusing pictures of families and their children, as we all know children look posing for silly photos.