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Let other countries inspire your wedding

We celebrate marriage around the world and it’s an event that brings everyone together. 

It may not be the right time now to look at booking a wedding but you can certainly get inspired for how you want it to be. You don’t want stress, you want perfect!
There are some things about a wedding that you shouldn’t change; the beautiful dresses and jewellery to go with it for a start. Diamonds on your big day are always breathtaking, with GIA or AGS loose diamonds you can look like royalty!
With your outfit sorted, what about the big event itself? Let’s see how other countries do their traditional weddings!
Germans Do It Best?! 
Germans love weddings, and they celebrate them before the big day arrives. Before a future bride-to-be is even engaged, she saves away pennies, which will then be used to purchase her wedding shoes. This tradition is said to help the happy couple get off on the right foot. Don’t expect a wedding invite to come through the post in Germany either.
They send out a Hochzeitslader, a gentleman dressed in formal, fancy wear complete with ribbons and flowers, to hand-deliver their invitations. Guests accept the invitations by pinning a ribbon from the Hochzeitslader’s outfit onto his hat, before inviting him into their home for a drink. Depending on the guest list, this can take quite some time!
couple holding hands
Spanish Glam!
Spanish weddings are completely different again. They don’t include bridesmaids, groomsmen, a maid of honour or best man, and the mother of the groom walks her son down the aisle.
Likewise, there are no speeches and wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Spanish wedding dresses and veils are usually made from black lace! However, modern times have seen more brides wearing a white lace dress and mantilla, a type of lace headdress. The mantilla is traditionally given by the mother of the bride, who will have it embroidered especially. The mantilla is worn with a peineta — a high comb.
You’ll find that traditional weddings in Spain occur early in the evening and continue until the early hours. Often, the groom will present his bride with 13 gold coins, each blessed by a priest. This act is said to bring the couple good fortune and symbolise the groom’s commitment to support his bride.
The bride and groom usually opt for orange blossom flowers as they connote purity. The bride will give a small flower corsage to her girlfriends. If a lady is single, she must wear her corsage upside down and if she loses it during the night, it’s believed that she will be next to be married!

So what suits you best? A little western cheer or southern Mediterranean glam? 
*this is a collaborative post.