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Weight loss – an open door to a better you

If you’re in the ‘plus-size’ category then hopefully you’re happy – just as you should be! However, if you’re looking to lose a little weight then read on…

If you are looking for ways to avert some of those negative health un-benefits, weight loss can often be an effective solution. It will not only make you feel better, but it will also make you feel good.
According to scientific research, weight loss improves physical and mental health. A mere 5-10% of body weight loss can show improvements in your physical health, it reduces the risk of having cardiovascular disease – and losing the same amount of weight can help to improve your mental health.
It Makes Your Heart More Healthy
As you lose weight, the pressure on your arteries reduces (also known as lower blood pressure). Simply put, it means your heart doesn’t need to work as hard. Pumping blood through your body can now be easier for your heart.
Reduced weight will reduce your bad cholesterol levels-the kind of cholesterol that causes heart disease. So whether you lose weight through a diet or surgical means, both are beneficial to promoting a healthy heart.
It Helps Regulate Blood Sugar
Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar. And when you are overweight, your adipose tissue count increases and it interferes with your insulin’s function, causing insulin resistance. It results in chaos within the regulation of blood sugar levels, causing sicknesses or diseases within your body.
The best preventive measure for all these is weight loss. Weight loss will allow your insulin to manage your blood sugar better because of lesser fatty tissue within your body.
It Promotes Confidence
When someone is overweight and then loses it, do you see the reaction of their friends and loved ones? That’s when self-confidence and higher self-esteem starts. When you see the new person in the mirror, it builds you up. Research shows that improvements in your body improve self-worth.
Add the fact that a lighter frame is easier to chisel for that awesome beach body. You can have those six-pack abdominal muscles in no time. Whether by weight training or anon-invasive belly fat removal procedure, having that Dwayne Johnson body can now be a reality…if you fancy looking like the Rock of course…
It’s a Good Energy Booster
One of the hardest things to do when you are overweight is to move. Walking long distances will be a burden, and exercise like climbing stairs can be a struggle. It will change when you lose weight as it means using less effort to do things.
It Gives You Restful Sleep
Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder for people who are overweight. When you have this, it means your breathing airways are obstructed by excess fats. As such, you will have difficulty breathing while sleeping. Plus, when you are overweight, you might have high blood sugar levels – this can cause incessant peeing day and night.
Medical research shows that losing about 20% of weight improves the quality of your sleep. The severity of sleep apnoea will be reduced…and peeing at night can be lessened or eliminated.
Losing weight is a life-changing experience, and to help out there are testimonies available online.
*This is a collaborative post.