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care package

Homemade care packages

Sometimes things happen to the people we love, and we find ourselves trying to work out how we can help. From job loss to personal life difficulties or just not feeling themselves. Knowing that someone is there for you is a powerful thing, and sometimes turning up with care packages or a hug is even better!

So, creating a care package for someone when they really need it can be easy. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t need to delivery it asap. 
Box style
You could choose to make a keepsake box. Think about the style of their home, and them as a person. Wicker baskets are usually a great idea because they can be reused or regifted. 
If your friend has a penchant for a specific brand of chocolate, then grab a few bars and pop them in. When buying snacks, try and think of things that are easy to share – just in case they want to talk. 
In most cases, a bottle of wine will be perfect. If they aren’t wine drinkers but appreciate a great cup of tea or coffee, then pick up some freshly ground coffee and some coffee syrup. If you’re feeling fancy and you’ll be seeing them that day then why not make them a fruit smoothie packed with all sorts of positive goodness? 
You can hand make some gifts. Thinks like soap, jam, and cakes. If you’re really crafty then creating a photo album, or if they are a writer get some of their work bound for them. You can usually find the perfect gift online easily. How about something that has been personalised for them? Get something related to their lifestyle or their hobbies, and it’s much more likely to be used and appreciated. 
Even in the height of summer, comfort is still something that people want and need. Although warm fluffy socks might not be the order of the day in hot temperatures, when winter rolls around, they’ll be perfect. One thing that many people love is a good blanket. If you want to go the extra mile, then you can get one made, or have a go yourself
Care packages are not always about what is inside the box, it is about the thought that goes into them and the fact you showed up. 
*This is a collaborative post.