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Easy ways to slow down and make time for you!

Whether you’re a parent, or not, I think we’re all guilty of running ourselves ragged until our body takes so much that it demands us to stop.

Whether it’s a quick ten minute refresher or a full day – here’s some of the self care activities that work for me…

  • Getting up and out
    What kept me sane (ish) during lcokdown – and beyond! – is getting out and about in nature. Whether it was my early morning cup of tea in the garden before the rest of the house wake, or a long ramble in the muddy woods, being out and breathing in fresh air and smelling fresh smells has become a tradition that I’ve kept up since 2020. I’m keeping up my 10k steps (min) a day and Bert definitely doesn’t complain!
  • Silence
    Take time for yourseld and literally soak up peace and quiet. I don’t know about you but my house is like constant chaos and it starts to become like a horrendous white noise of yelling, shouting and screaming. I take any opportunity to just sit in silence when the (rare) opportunity arises.
  • Snuggle Down
    Whatever the season, there’s always a blanket on the go at our house! I like nothing better than putting on my favourite Trash TV, getting myself a cuppa and some giant chocolate buttons, popping in my favourite wax melt scen and generally that helps with a reset.
  • Hydrate
    It may sound boring, and I’ve always been more of a tea/coffee/fizz drinker, but keeping myself hydrated with at least one litre of water a day has really helped my mindset…and my skin seems to of benefited as a little bonus too!
  • Podcast
    Whether it’s a calming one, a personal growth/educational one or simply a ‘LuAnna’ hilarious one, podcasts are fantastic ways of switching off. I’ll often pop my headphones in and whizz around the block so I’m lost in fresh air with something entertaining my ears.
  • Reading
    I really love escaping into a fictional world with a really good book. I do struggle to get started on them (unless I’m on holiday!) but generally once I get started I find it hard to put it down.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day
    My boujee self care ritual is an annual spa day which I go to by myself for an ultimate chill. I started this a couple of years ago and it has soon become my favourite self care habit. As it’s only once a year I like to try out a different luxury spa each time – 2022’s trip was Limewood Spa and 2021 was Chewton Glen. I can highly recommend both if you’re Hampshire based!
  • A spot of people watching
    If I ever get a spare hour, one of my favourite things to do is nip to a coffee shop and just people watch. Or, if the weather’s good then I’ll grab a takeout and find a bench and just watch the world go by…