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How do you nurture friendly relationships?

Nothing can beat an uninhibited chat with your childhood friend. It is one of those relationships that need no cover. You can discuss just anything with your real friends. Your real friends are those with whom you can break into a conversation at any point in time. Such meaningful relationships are actual assets. When people live in meaningful relationships, they tend to live longer.

Besides friendships, we also build connections with family members. We all have that cousin who’s our favourite, and we confide in everything to them. After all, what are relationships for? To share happy moments and seek support in sad times. So read about how to nurture friendly relationships and be the wealthiest of all.
Make Quality Friendships
The quality of your friendship is more important than the figure. If you have a few close friends, whom you can rely on, it will do you a lot of good. It is much better than having fifty on your phone, but none to help you in times of need. But there should be at least that one friend you can call at midnight to discuss your issues and break the boredom. However, you gain that quality friend; you need to be a friend at first.
Be Persistent
You can be persistent in all your relationships. However, you have to hang on before expecting the other to be so. It can happen that you have been dumped numerous times by your friends. But you can still have a positive mindset and try to find that one or two persons who will be ready to answer back with the same level of commitment. That is how a friendship develops. Persistent friendships, once formed, can extend to many lifetimes. It is about taking the initiative before expecting the other one to do so. Show some interest in the relationship.
Be Available
Yes, you indeed have enough to handle. But friendships and friendly relationships matter as well. You need to take out time for your friends, no matter how busy you are. It’s these light moments that will help you to get rid of your work stress. You make a new friend and forget all about it. Well! It does not happen that way. Stay in touch and plan meets. It does not have to be outside always.
You can plan an outing or date at home. Make a cozy environment and prepare some food and drinks. Indulge in things like purchasing single-origin coffee beans or whatever beverage your friends prefer, along with mouth-watering snacks. Sip and munch while discussing your life. It is not very expensive to do so, and you can also exchange each other’s happiness and sorrow. Such home dates never fail since you get to spend quality time.
Be a Good Listener
There is no hard and fast rule in friendships to win the debate. Leave it to the workplace. As your friends, what is going on in their life? Let the other person know that you are paying close attention. You have to be empathetic when a friend discusses good or bad times with you. The same thing that you reciprocate comes back manifold.
Be Trustworthy
A relationship that lacks trust is a made-up facade. Strong friendships only happen when there is mutual trust. If there is no trust, there is no real exchange of thoughts and ideas. And keep things confidential!
Learn Forgiveness
It is usual for any relationship to face ups and downs. You have to handle it maturely. If you are ready to sacrifice a pure relationship for some egoistic venture, you cannot expect any compromise from the other party. Choosing to forgive has several benefits. It can be both emotional and physical. Letting go of the hurt may be easier than it seems. You should forget the event and reflect upon the good times. Then only you can nurture a great relationship.
Practice Gratitude
It is one of the positive emotions that you can exercise. It can strengthen friendships as well as other relationships. The boost in positivity is felt by not one but both parties. Your simple ‘thank you’ can drive a positive reaction in the other person’s mind. So, think about it if you want to bring in positivity and hold on to friendships.