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How to Save Money on Plumbing Costs

The UK’s Water Regulation Advisory Scheme revealed that 32% of residents had to deal with plumbing issues of some sort in 2020.

It might not be a surprise but most problems were associated with failed plumbing DIY projects and maintenance.

Install water softeners at home
If you’re not experienced in detecting hard water, it can be challenging to identify the cause of constantly deteriorating pipelines. However, you can figure it out with the following pointers:

  • Water tastes unusually salty
  • Soap unable to lather properly
  • Salt crystal formation around the base of taps at home.

Hard water usually forms limescale within the pipes and, over time, will hamper the proper functioning of your plumbing. Installing water softeners at home is one way to prevent this! 
Routine maintenance of plumbing system
Routine maintenance of plumbing systems helps you detect faults quicker. Some homes prefer to do monthly checks, while others opt for every few months.
Plumbing systems are significant determinants of a successful house sale, you stand to benefit more. This means that if you decide to put your property up for sale, your excellent plumbing system can increase the house value.
You can leverage professionals like Wixon’s emergency plumbers for your plumbing works and maintenance routines.
Install low-flush toilets 
Low flush toilets use less water for an efficient flushing job. Standard modern toilets consume about six litres of water for every single flush, so you will be saving money on water bills if you decide to opt for low-flush toilets.
Upgrade your standard shower heads to water-saving types
Low flow shower heads restrict water flow but, at the same time, make you feel clean after taking a shower. They come in a variety of designs without taking away the appeal of your bathroom. Just like low-flush toilets, low flow shower heads contribute significantly to reducing monthly water bills.
Be mindful of what you clean into your drainage channels
Do you have a habit of washing food debris down your kitchen sink? Do your hair strands find their way into the drains?
These are bad habits that I definitely do too often (rebel!) but I know they impair the normal functioning of our home’s plumbing. Apart from causing a blockage, clogged drains are breeding grounds for bacteria…and it makes drains and plughole absolutely stink!

What do you do to help prevent costly plumbing jobs in your home?

*This is a collaborative post.