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Seven ways mothers can make more money during a lockdown

There’s no easy way to say it: ordinary folks like us have less money because of the lockdowns. Even though we may now be working at home and spending less on commuting and takeout lunches, our financial capacity has taken a beating.

It’s also worth noting that mothers have suffered most from the pandemic. A study in the UK showed that mothers are most likely to lose their jobs and money; working from home didn’t benefit us either because if you’re kids are anything like mine, then the work I managed was limited!
So what many mamas did is what we’ve always been great at…adjusting. We learned the hard way that although we many not have been able to keep our jobs, we could still make money from home.
Stay Healthy
Do you know that you can make money while staying healthy? There’s an app that will let you log information about your diet and exercise. Every information you share is equal to a point or two. The points are then convertible to cash in the future or points for online purchase. Aside from this, some mums who are into health and fitness also acquired Cert 3 through online fitness classes.
Start Blogging
Mothers need an outlet for all the emotions they feel every day. Why don’t you start blogging? This is a long-term plan with the eventual goal of earning from advertisements and affiliate links. If you need to make extra money right now, this is not the route for you. However, starting early will give your blog a huge boost in followers and views, which are the basis of monetising it in the future.
Write Online
Many online writing jobs don’t pay well, but some websites now pay per content. This means that you can get around £75 to £100 per article when you write for certain websites. You can write about being a parent, a pet lover or a small business owner. The point is that these websites are willing to pay for your thoughts.
Get Crafty
Have you always been into crafts but don’t have time to do it? The lockdown forced many people out of their comfort zones. But if there’s one positive thing that came out of it, it’s the rediscovery of your interests. Say, for example, you used to make beaded bracelets in the past. Do you know that websites such as Etsy exist for this very reason?
Answer Surveys
This is probably the easiest thing to do if you need money fast. You can even answer surveys as you do the laundry or watch over the kids while they play. The only problem with online surveys is they pay little. Sometimes, a survey only pays £1. Other times, it can be as much as £10. Unless you are the specific target of a medical survey, it will take time to grow the income from answering online surveys.
Clear out the House
You probably already know that there’s money in trash. If your house seems to be full of clutter lately, start cleaning it out. Put the stuff in boxes and sell them on e-commerce sites such as eBay or DePop. These websites will put a value on the unwanted bits in your home.
*This is a collaborative post