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renovation - new kitchen with tiled wall

4 tips to make your renovation project a breeze

Your property can say a lot about the type of person you are; rarely do you see a neat person in a worn-out messy home!

We have all the control over how cluttered our homes are, but we don’t always have that much control over the wear and tear on our properties. Keeping your property maintained and in good condition is vital in ensuring the aesthetic aspects remain and your property value doesn’t decrease.
Here are my four valuable tips to assist you during your next property renovations project.
1. Plan well, especially with money
The planning of a renovation project is essential for success. A poorly planned renovation can cause high costs, waste materials and labour time. The design process should include any necessary permits are arranged beforehand to avoid complications or delays in obtaining these documents.
Planning allows you to keep an eye on your budget and inspires what type of renovations might be needed before beginning work.
2. Why is a quality contractor important for renovations?
A quality contractor is essential for all types of renovations. This can mean you’ll receive a high level of craftsmanship, quality materials and of course experience. A poor craftsman will more than likely be able to complete your project but at a higher cost and with lower levels of workmanship than if you were to hire someone more experienced who could do it quicker.
Contractors should have an idea of what type of renovation process would suit best based on their years in the industry and how many projects they’ve completed before. This gives them greater mastery over how much time different phases take. 
3. Invest in quality materials 
When it comes to renovating, be sure you’re buying items with an eye towards durability as well as design. Whether you’re installing new laminate flooring or closing your patio with Slidetrack outdoor blinds, it’s vital you find a balance between affordable and high-quality materials. You can also consider renovating your entire kitchen or bathrooms, which will have an enormous impact on your property’s aesthetics.
4. Track your expenses thoroughly
It’s essential to keep a close eye on your budget when renovating, because if you’re not careful, the costs of renovations can spiral out of control quickly and without warning. In addition, it’s dreadful for those who are paying with credit cards as it puts them in financial trouble more rapidly than they would have been able to anticipate. This is why it’s vital that you maintain an accurate record of all purchases made during this period – whether by using online invoices or pen and paper.
Budgeting also allows you to see how much money you’ll be spending upfront before beginning work, giving yourself enough notice before going into debt from unforeseen expenses.
* This is a collaborative post.