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husband and wife on wedding day

How to get the wedding of your dreams without the stress

You’ve finally decided that now’s the time to get married, the proposal is done, the engagement party is over and the time has come where you need to start planning. If you’ve just started planning your wedding, you may think that exciting times lie ahead…this is true, but there’s also a lot of stress ahead too. Sorry!

The reality of planning a wedding can be stressful and tough, and it will stretch you quite thinly. The funny thing is that the easiest part of planning a wedding is the actual wedding part itself! When it comes to the ceremony, the organisation of this is generally the cheapest and easiest thing you will do. The expense and stress comes from arranging parts of the wedding that are generally there to keep the rest of your guests happy.
Get A Little Help  
The best thing you can do if you want to reduce the stress of wedding planning is bring in a little help. You can rid most of this stress by hiring a private party planner and leave all of the details to them. By simply telling them what you want from your wedding, you’ll be sure to get the party you desire without all of the stress that comes with the planning. We used a wedding events coordinator and I couldn’t have done the day without her, she was fantastic – in the run up to it and especially on the day! I used Nicola at Behind The Scenes Events and would highly recommend her. 
Another thing you may need to consider getting help with is the wedding breakfast. You may find that the venue you choose can only provide a limited selection when it comes to the food on offer and this can often be quite off-putting. You may want to bring in an outside catering company for your wedding breakfast. Generally, contract caterers will be more open to suggestions, and they will also be more willing to offer more of a selection that suits your needs.
While many venues will try to get you to use their services and facilities as much as possible, you’ll be surprised to discover that a lot of the time there is no reason to use them, it’s just recommended. So, if you want to save yourself the stress and some money, then try looking at bringing in some outside help to get you your stress-free, perfect wedding.
You can see what we did for our wedding here.
*This is a collaborative post.