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Pie & Lattes

Pie & Lattes?

As this post goes out I would have just returned from my fourth week of pregnancy pilates.
I went along with a friend, mainly because it’s scary going to something alone – especially when it’s exercise related and you’re the most unfit, uncoordinated person on the planet. And I thought she was inviting me to a Monday night pie and coffee sesh.
But do you know what? Its brought out the yuppy in me. I actually really enjoy it. Its definitely more trying than I thought – I imagined it would be all whale music and heavy breathing – and as a complete bonus, I haven’t farted or let out a childish giggle when someone else has.
But the best bit, the bit that’s definitely worth the £10.50 a session (daylight robbery) is the five minute of chill time at the end, where she does put the whale music on, talk to us in a voice that she’s defo putting on, tells us to close our eyes and for those 300 seconds I am at one with peace and tranquility, imagining that helium balloon balancing on my head as my cares float away.
And then bang, I remember I’m leaving this room to return home to an over-excited, treat-begging toddler who likes to try every trick in the book to evade bedtime and just like that I’m already looking forward to next weeks 5 minutes of yuppy, whale filled relaxation time.
Note: if you want to try pregnancy Pilate’s and you manage to control your flatulence through the exercise part, make sure not to lose that control when you get onto yuppy chill mode. I very nearly learnt the hard way this week.