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Random Act of Kindness Day – Feb 2021

It’s February 17th 2021, which can only mean one thing. It’s National Random Acts Of Kindness Day and this year more than most, I’m determined to sprinkle some unexpected cheer.

Random Acts of Kindness day was started by The Random Act of Kindness Foundation with the intention of encouraging kindness between people, by offering thoughtful gestures, no matter how big or small.
With lockdown still in full force, it’s a bit trickier this year as you can’t do as much ‘in person’ but I’ve listed a few ideas of things I’ve done previously, plan to do over RAOK Week (14-20 Feb)- or seen other people share as their kindness. 

  1. Instead of throwing perfectly good clothes/toys/books away – collect them all up in a charity shop pile (ready for when they’re open again)
  2. If you go through a drive-thru this week, pay for the person’s order behind you in the queue.
  3. Have you been thinking of donating to a charity but never get round to it? Find the time to do it this week!
  4. …that includes animal shelters, we have just had a big clear out of towels which we are planning to donate to the local dogs home.
  5. Set up a Kindness Jar – a bit like a reward jar, but you reward good, kind behaviour. Keep it going until RAOK 2022!
  6. Message/call/write a letter to a friend or member of the family that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Lockdown is lonely, show them that you’re always there for a friendly ear.
  7. Shop independent and local for your essentials this week instead of going to the big chains.
  8. Add a few extras bits to your weekly shop – and donate them to the local community food groups or one of the wider national food banks – I’ll be doing both, ready for the February half term need.
  9. Support a small business – there are so many lovely ones being shared and promoted on Instagram (I got totally influenced by Megan and Bryony for the slouchy dunga’s and can’t wait for their arrival!)
  10. If you pop out this week and see a homeless person sat on the (freezing) pavement. Buy them a drink and a sandwich. Have a conversation.
  11. Do a Follow Friday on social media, for accounts that you love to follow and interact with.
  12. Whilst we’re on the social theme…make the effort to comment on a post. Content creating takes time, and every one loves being appreciated!
  13. Call out and thank your colleague on the next team meeting. Have they been really helpful? Created some great work? Let everyone know.
  14. Bring back the stone/pebble hiding for kids to enjoy on their daily lockdown walks…think about adding some positive messages on them to make them smile.
  15. Volunteer your time with a charity, either independently or as part of a work ‘teambuilding’ activity. I volunteered at SCRATCH charity over Christmas – it was so rewarding. Wondering why you should volunteer? There’s five reasons to do ‘Good Deeds’ here!
  16. Is your birthday coming up? Consider asking for donations to a chosen charity instead of gifts.
  17. Bake a cake/s and do some doorstep drop offs to older family members.
  18. Get the kids to paint cards and send to their friends with all the reasons why they are such good friends to them.
  19. Next time you’re on a walk, pick up bits of rubbish that other people have left behind (don’t forget your wipes and your anti-bac!)
  20. Planning on treating yourself to a takeaway this week? Give the delivery driver a tip!
  21. Say ‘Hello’ and smile to every one you walk past this week – it makes you feel good as well, trust me 🙂
  22. Have you been buying online? Go online and leave positive feedback where you’ve purchased your gifts from.
  23. Head over to Twitter and purchase a gift for a strangers (or someone you know!) I got involved in the Amazon wishlist challenge during Lockdown 1 and it was so nice to gift people…and as a plus side, I need not buy any more face masks for a long while!
  24. Text a friend/s and let them know why you think they’re brilliant.
  25. For the bloggers amongst us, add some extra likes and shares on Instagram, add a comment to a blog post to show them that you read the content. You can share the love on mine here.
  26. Lastly, be kind to yourself! 

How will you be getting involved in Random Acts Of Kindness day/week?