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Selling your home – fast!

Are you thinking about selling your house and looking to sell quickly? We have moved three times in the last four years – each time buying and selling…the house we are in now is our forever home. I am NOT moving again!

Selling your house is a really stressful time, maybe you’ve seen a property that you love and now want to get yours sold ASAP.  You see houses on your road selling quickly but yours isn’t shifting as quickly as you’d hoped for. We were exactly the same when we lived on a new build estate – we did a few things to try and encourage a quick sale – they may help you too..

Do some research on the competition

Are there may other properties in your area for sale? Attend open houses and do some digging online. You need to know what you are up against so that you know how to make your house the best option in the area. 
Stuart is constantly scouring Rightmove seeing what’s out and about. I’m quite happy where we are but it seems he has other plans!!

The price is right

Lowering the price is a tactic that you could use to encourage a quick sale. You won’t want to lower it too much, though, so do your research to discover a price that is competitive but won’t result in your losing out on money. 

Invest in a few upgrades

Upgrades do take some time and require a bit of cash, but it does save you a lot of time once your property goes to market. Obviously extensions and grand building work is out of the question but you could look for driveway companies to give your property some instantly kerb appeal.

Be available

If you want to sell your property quickly,  ensure that there is always someone available to allow potential buyers to view the property as and when suits them. 

Leave some things behind

Make the deal sweeter! One way to secure a quicker sale on your home without lowering the price is to leave something behind. Of course, this needs to be something worthwhile – it can’t be a tatty piece of furniture you were planning to throw away. When we brought our current home we were offered the trampoline, we jumped (excuse the pun!) at the chance – in hindsight, it saved the seller dismantling it and removing it, but we felt like we’d got a little extra in the deal!

Master the art of online marketing

Who will your property appeal to – Families? First-time buyers? Once you know this, you could advertise your property in Facebook selling groups and your own timeline. Yes, it will be marketed by your estate agent but don’t underestimate the power of the social share!

Good luck and happy moving day!