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Simple ways to make your home life less stressful

I’m running out of mental space at the minute, Sofia started school last week and it’s messed around with a routine that we’ve been perfecting for the last four years!

To be honest, the stress began before she even started school, I was so worried whether she would like it and get on OK. I don’t know why I was worried, she’s absolutely loving it and has started doing full days earlier than planned – she is actually gutted that the weekend is now here. Wonder how long it’ll be until the novelty wears off?!
So on top of already juggling part time work and school pick ups – my blog and personalised print world has got crazy busy, now I am in no way complaining about this but it’s making our home life more stressful that it needs to be! How many of you are feeling this as the new school term starts?!
So, I’ve switched the TV off, lit some candles and I’m thinking about ways we can minimise stress at home, not only for myself but the entire family. That’s got to be a good thing, right?!
Read on for my tips on how to make your home life a little less stressful.

Stop trying to multitask

Multitasking is one of those things that seem like a really good way to save time, but if you think about it, or for me anyway – you  end up wasting time and frustrating yourself as you try to keep all the plates spinning at the same time – and completing none of them. So you end up with a lot of tasks all part finished; you can do a lot more by taking on tasks one at a time in a clear and motivated way.

Do something that calms you

Everyone has something that makes them feel that little bit calmer and more serene. So, find the thing that puts you in your happy place and is guaranteed to make you feel at ease – it could be as simple as lying on the sofa, listening to some music or running a hot bubbly bath and enjoying a soak whilst reading a magazine.

Tidy house, tidy mind

Having a clear out can really make your home feel more calm and balanced than it otherwise might. Take a look around and see what’s just gathering dust, there may be items that you can’t bear to throw out but no longer want to keep in your home, there are places such as Magenta storage who can help with that. Or maybe you’re feeling more ruthless and want to say a permanent goodbye, so look at doing a car boot sale, nearly new baby sale or donate to charity! 

Meal planning and batch cooking

Cooking a meal for the whole family at the end of every day can be really stressful. We try to plan our weeks meals in advance so that we don’t have the stress that comes with trying to decide what to cook each evening – and then end up getting a takeaway! There are certain meals that I will do for the kids where I batch cook them all in one go, then I simply take them out the freezer and I don’t have to cook at all!

Find a routine that works for everyone

One thing that’s great for removing stress is to have a consistent routine for the whole family. If you want to have a routine that works for you, that’s great, but your stress will only disappear when you find routines that work for the whole family, especially when you have children to consider too.

What are your go-to stress busters?