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The changes you could make to your home this year

Now that we’re in the full flow of the year, you might have started to focus on what it is you want to achieve out of the year ahead. It could be that the home was a big priority when it came to your resolutions and goals, but have you done much with it since then? The likelihood is, you just survived January – right?!

Now that spring is in reach, it could be the ideal time to start making some changes to your home. Here are some of my suggestions to get you started:
Make changes to the interior 
Another thing to think about would be making interior changes. You could look at doing this with the physical furniture or things like painting the walls. It can be the small changes like adding a feature wall, which can make a massive difference to how your home looks and feels. It also gives you the chance to add some personality to your home. 
Declutter and minimise
If you don’t want to painting, then you could simply plan to decluttering and minimising your home instead. This can be an excellent incentive for spring; it can give your home a new lease of life. There can be a lot of ways that you can spring clean your home and have it ready for you to enjoy over the summer months can help you to feel clearer in your own mind. 
Increase the value ready for moving 
Maybe you want to make moving a priority this year. It could be for a variety of reasons such as needing to move closer to work and schools, or even things like needing more space. You could look at increasing the value of your home to maximise your moving potential. This could be investing in the kitchen and bathroom or looking at extending the property in other ways. 
Invest in heating options
How about investing in your homes heating options? Even though we are approaching spring that doesn’t mean that you can’t consider other options. Things like New Era Fuels provide oil for heating your home could be an option to consider, or you may want to go down the route of other energy efficient options like solar panels. Even an upgrade of your boiler and radiators could make a big difference. 
Modernise other aspects of your home 
Finally, it might be time to start thinking about modernising areas of your home. This could be things like the wiring and electrics, or interior features like carpets and walls. Sometimes the small things that you overlook can give you the most value in your home. 
*This is a collaborative post.