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staying active

Things I’ve learnt about staying active as a mum

Let’s get one thing straight; I’ve never been a gym bunny, I never religiously go to a body pump class and hang about gym foyers in lycra. But in my own way, I’ve always enjoyed staying active and keeping fit. Pre-parenting, finding time for gym visits was something that I often took for granted. Staying active is a little harder as a parent, but it’s possible – think of it as some time away from the kids, the ultimate self care!

1| You need to stay active 
As a parent, you’ll always put your children first. But don’t use them as an excuse to overlook your personal health. A healthy mum is a happier, confident, and engaged mum. Aside from the endorphins released during exercise, the improved body image that comes alongside it will work wonders. And it sets a great example for the kids. 
2| Keep it fun
Finding time for exercise is tough when you’re also juggling parenthood and a career. If you’re anything like me, you will continue to make excuses unless exercise is fun. You don’t need to be spending hours down the gym either, continue to spend time with the family on days out, but maybe invest in a pedometer or fitness watch, to give you the motivation to beat yesterday’s step score! 
Team sports with friends are still great too, but physical activity isn’t limited to the gym, pitch, or court. 
3| Comfort  is key  
In addition to finding an activity you love, it needs to feel comfortable. Nursing blisters and other minor injuries due to the wrong attire will ruin your fun and discourage you from continuing. If you love horse riding, Dubarry footwear is essential. Or if you’re into running, the base layer should be top of your shopping list. Looking the part will make you feel the part too. In turn, this can have a huge impact on your motivation and enjoyment levels. 
4| You need incentives 
While many of the issues above are great sources of motivation, it’s important to reward yourself. If you’re wanting to lose weight through active lifestyle, treat yourself when hitting your goal weight. This could mean a day at your local Bannatyne spa, a short family holiday, or buying a new outfit.  Adding a competitive edge by taking on a physical charity challenge will have a positive impact on the proceedings too. 
5| Don’t beat yourself up
Even when you start a health kick with the best intentions, you will have bad days. The kids might be ill, or something else comes up that stops you from completing the planned level of exercise. It can be tempting to throw the towel in at this stage, but don’t dwell on it. Tomorrow is a new day. Remove the pressure and focus on turning an active lifestyle into a habit!
*This is a collaborative post.