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basket of homegrown vegetables

Tips for growing your own herbs and vegetables at home

As our world continues to grow and evolve, the demand for the earth’s resources is becoming a lot more strained. Many households are now trying to be more eco, more resourceful and more self-sufficient. Growing your own herbs and vegetables at home is a great start!

Consider the time of year
Depending on the time of year, some herbs and vegetables are going to grow well, where others may not survive certain climates. Make sure you pick out the ones that are suited for the current season. If you want certain herbs or vegetables, it’s a good idea to schedule when you plant the seeds or plants so that it coincides with the right climate/temperature that’s needed.
Use special lights
Special lighting might be needed in circumstances where the seeds or plants are getting the right amount of heat or lighting that’s needed to help it grow. There are certain lights that you can get like these https://www.amazon.com/100W-LED-Grow-Light-Bulb/dp/B07H9W1TSZ. Ones like these have been specifically made to aid the growth of plants for indoor use and greenhouses.
Have an allocated patch for each
With your vegetables and herbs, it’s good to have an allocated patch for each, and that’s separate from what you’ve already got in your garden. This helps when you want to use deterrents from pests and other wildlife. A lot of those who have allocated patches will usually hold them in raised beds that stand separately in the garden. They look stylish, but they also allow you to focus on what needs to grow and to distinguish your plants to your herbs and vegetables.
Research what grows well indoors
There are plenty of herbs and vegetables that can grow in various conditions. One of those conditions is for indoor use. Chillis are a typical plant that can grow well indoors. It’s nice to be able to have your own selection of herbs to pick from when they’re growing right there in your home. They’ll also help your home smell amazing if it’s within a smaller room!
*This is a collaborative post.