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We Know You’re A Busy Mum, So Here Are Some Quick Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is important and you need to remember that even though you are a busy mum, you still deserve to be a kick-ass confident mama. It might not feel like it’s always possible when the kids are pulling you from one club to another, you need to fit in time with your partner, friends and family…and still do your 9-5 day at work!

Do Something For You
The first thing  is that you do something for you. As a mum, you spend most of your time doing things for someone else, and every now and then you just need to step back and do something because you want to.  If you have problems with the way that your teeth look, think about getting veneers (check out some veneers before and after pictures here), and if you think the kids are giving you extra frown lines by the day, then consider botox. I did! 
It doesn’t even have to be something big to boost your confidence. Simply giving yourself the time to complete a proper skin care routine can also do the world of good!
Dress How You Want To
You should be dressing how you want. Dress in clothes that make you feel good about yourself while also being practical. Covid has definitely helped make loungewear more acceptable! The last thing that you want is to follow a fashion, just because, and then feel as though you are suffocating in clothes that just aren’t your style. 
Nobody Expects You To Be Perfect
The main confidence boost will come from understanding that nobody expects you to be perfect. You’re tired, we know. I KNOW! You don’t feel like doing something one day? If it’s not urgent, don’t do it. Nobody expects you to be able to do everything. In the words of Stacey Solomon – You are enough exactly as you are – so don’t forget that for a single second because it’s your saving grace when you feel as though everything is tumbling down around you.
*This is a collaborative post.