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36 things to do before I’m 36 | My annual bucket list

As I am now the ripe old age of 35 (plus 6 days), I’ve been thinking about how life is – whether you like it or not, a routine. Sure there’s the weekends where there’s abit of freedom, but with two children, part time working and a lack of funds to be super extravagant, time flies by and before you know it you’re just cruising along into the next 365 days.

I want to push out of my comfort zone and test my boundaries, so I’ve set myself a ‘bucket list challenge’ and depending how this year’s goes, I’d like to continue it year on year – I want to set goals and stick to them.

Some are little things, some are bigger things.

By the time I reach 36 in 2019, I want to have ticked off as many as these 36 ‘challenges’ as possible.

  1. Volunteer at a charity
  2. Complete at least 36 blog posts
  3. Go for a ski lesson at the Snowdome- or similar
  4. Set up and promote my new business venture proseccomumprints
  5. Learn how to make a crochet animal
  6. Go to a concert
  7. Watch a performance at the theatre
  8. Put aside £41.60 per month – this amount will total £500 and allow me to splurge on my 36th birthday!
  9. Read (at least) 12 books, to include Chimp Paradox and The Compound Effect
  10. Go on a spa day with friends
  11. Plan a girls weekend away
  12. Perfect the ‘outward French plait’
  13. Cook at least one meal a week – from scratch
  14. Take a city break
  15. Perfect the ‘flat lay’ [This does not involve anything sexual, just incase you’re reading mum]
  16. Do a ParkRun
  17. Get through at least half the year without going overdrawn [I’ve not achieved it so far in 35 years, but I’ve got hope]
  18. Go camping. Even if just for one night.
  19. Make Arlo’s 2nd birthday cake [I can’t do Sofia’s, she’ll be having her first party with new school friends – can’t risk food poisoning them all]
  20. Remain mindful and continue to concentrate on getting better about sickness anxiety
  21. Get involved with Sofia’s school as much as possible
  22. Visit Tom Kerridges ‘Hand and Flowers for a meal
  23. Get a tattoo
  24. Enjoy a day at the races
  25. Get an appreciation jar at home – open next year
  26. See the good in every day, no matter how shitty. Note it!
  27. Go to a drive-in movie, grease style!
  28. Give blood
  29. Be ‘less mobile and more mum’ – this is a big one for me, as I’m so guilty of half parenting/half scrolling
  30. Skydive
  31. Complete a Go Ape! course
  32. At least one day a week, wake up at 5.30am to write the weeks goals
  33. Go to a music festival
  34. Go to a food festival
  35. Get down to my goal weight and stay there
  36. Meditate every day for at least 3 minutes

I’m really looking forward to updating this list as I go. What’s on your bucket list?