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8 ways you can keep your home safe

We know that we should lock our doors, look through the spy hole before opening the door, and shut our windows, but, how else can we make our home safer? I like to keep my house as locked down as Kevin McAllister…

Check your front door 
This is your homes main entrance and exit point, and it’s  important to make sure it’s something that is going to protect your home. One of the main areas of you door that you need to look at is the type of lock that you are using. A heavy-duty deadbolt lock is commonly used as a secure lock for home doors. You should also think about the material of the door you are using. Solid hardwood and steel are good options, however, some PVC doors also offer a good level of protection. Do you have a smart camera that you can use to see who’s at the door before you open? 
Use Timers 
When you were younger you probably thought it was just some sort of weird thing that your parents or grandparents did, but, using timers in your home is a great way to deter burglars. A large number of burglaries take place in the day time as well when people are away on holiday. Homes that are dark in the evening are also commonly targeted. If you set a timer to turn on a tv, radio, lights it can make your home appear occupied rather than empty. 
Be vigilant of windows & sliding doors
Intruders can very easily lift some of the older sliding windows and sliding glass doors from their tracks, therefore they need extra protection. If you place something in the track than they will have a hard time getting past even if they remove the lock. Adding a window sensor or thermal screening to your cameras can also help you be vigilant when it comes to these vulnerable areas. 
Warning Signs 
Although some thieves are aware that people use these as a way to deter them from entering a property, it’s not very often they will risk it, especially if they don’t know the area or are just taking an opportunity. Using signs such as ‘beware of the dog’ on your fence or in your garden, even if you don’t have a dog. Another good way to warn burglars that your home is protected is to add CCTV signs in your windows. 
If you want to discourage burglars from entering your home in the evening, you need to light it up. Add motion-sensing lights to the outside of your home, near doorways and entrances. You could also look to using your SMART home features to turn some lights on and off from your phone. If you’re going to use a timer, it’s best to make sure they can’t be seen from the windows, and consider changing the time that the lights come on so they’re not coming on at the same time each night. 
Be careful with your holidays
A holiday (the dream right now!!) is a time for you to relax and not have to worry about the security of your home. Intruders will be on the look out for small signs that a home is empty. Things such as post building up or bins not being out out are all signs that a home is empty. Consider asking a neighbour to put your bins out on bin day for you, and ask a friend or family member to pop round and remove your mail every couple of days. As much as it’s nice to share your holidays online, try to resist the urge. It can be easy to find addresses online, so it’s best to post your photos when you have already returned.
Be More Aware 
Mindfulness and awareness of your surroundings is essential for keeping your home and your family safe. One of the biggest threats out there is complacency. If you want to be safe, or at least safer, you need to be constantly aware of any changes in your neighbourhood. Be aware of new people walking in your area, anything that is out of place or unusual, and if you notice people loitering by your home or in your street make sure you take notice. If you are more aware you are more likely to spot a threat. 
Ask your landlord about security improvements
If you rent, before you move in to your new accommodation (or after), take a close look at your new homes entrances, locks, lighting, and fire escapes. Make sure window locks work and think about having the locks redone if the previous tenants haven’t given back the keys. Although you may not like to think about people being dishonest, it does happen, so ask your landlord to put a new deadbolt lock on your front door, possibly a chain if there isn’t already one in place. 
*This is a collaborative post.