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Easy changes you can make for a more relaxing bedroom

It’s good for your home to have a mini-makeover to keep it feeling new and fresh from time to time. It doesn’t need to be a big dramatic overhaul; small bedroom changes can help you fall in love with your home all over again! 

One room you should consider updating (and the next on our list!) is your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a relaxing haven that is geared towards sleep and, well, relaxing…
Colour Schemes
For 2021, there is a multitude of colours popping up on the best colour for bedrooms lists. From pastel lilacs to deep khaki greens and neutrals too.
It was once thought to avoid bright jarring colours such as lime green or post box red, but these days every colour can be incorporated into your bedroom in more subtle ways. So if you like a bright pop of colour, why not consider paper colours for your walls and add colour to your soft furnishings to add some of your personal styles to the room?
It seems like bold patterns are finding their way from the rest of the house to bedrooms. Foliage and animal prints are popular, as is adding panelling (or panel effect wallpaper can give you a chapter alternative but equally impactful look).
Don’t be afraid to go big with your designs in your bedroom! 
The furniture you have in your bedroom can help you create that ultimate feeling of luxury and relaxation. Start with your bed. Did you know you are supposed to change your mattress every 6-8 years? If you are struggling to get a restful night’s sleep, you might need to Order Beds Online to find your perfect bed and mattress to improve your sleep.
Consider your bedroom storage when looking at your bedroom furniture – don’t forget your wardrobes! If your furniture is inadequate for your clothes and accessories (or guff as Stu likes to call it…) then no amount of changes will help to remove this issue unless you address it. Get Marie Kondo’ing! 
Have a clear out
With all the best intentions, sometimes our bedrooms can become full of items we no longer need or use. If you feel like there isn’t enough space or have too much stuff, then organising what you do and don’t want can help with this.
If the job is too big to tackle at once, break it down into different sections such as clothes one day, underwear the next, beauty and hair products and accessories and so on… 
When you do the clear out, make sure you remove anything you don’t want instantly, such as rubbish to the local tip, donations to a charity shop or friends. This will help you see the benefits instantly instead of having bags of “stuff” lying around for weeks.
What changes have you made to your bedrooms?