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Five garden problems you shouldn’t ignore

Much of the work we do in our garden is aesthetic. Ignoring things usually just results in our garden looking messy, but has no further negative consequences. However, there are some garden issues that shouldn’t be ignored as they can cause all kinds of potential harm to you and your property if not sorted out. Below are 5 examples of garden problems you shouldn’t ignore. 

Flimsy fencing

If fencing is leaning or sagging, it could be a sign that it’s about to give way. A windy day may be all it takes to cause your fencing to collapse. In many areas, a lack of fencing can be a privacy and security issue. This is why it’s important to fix damaged fencing before it falls over. You may be able to replace posts or support them with concrete, but in many cases fencing that is leaning or sagging will need to be fully replaced. A fencing installation company can make sure that any new fence is securely installed so that you don’t have the same problem again for a while. 

Shed damage

Sheds are often full of valuable tools and supplies that you don’t want getting exposed to the elements. Once a shed gets damaged it can let in water and pests that could damage the contents. A damaged shed door could meanwhile be an invitation for burglars. All in all, there are many reasons why not to ignore shed damage. If your shed is visibly damaged, find time to repair it or consider arranging a new shed to be built. 

Leaning trees

Some trees naturally have a lean to them and may not pose a danger. However, in other cases, a leaning tree can be a sign that a tree is not secure. If the tree is dead or you have noticed that the lean is getting much worse, you should be particularly concerned that it may fall over. It is worth hiring an arborist to assess the health of the tree and determine whether it needs to be removed, supported or replanted. 


If your garden has become boggy, this is also something that you will need to address straight away. Waterlogging after rain or a flood can kill off plants and encourage pests like mosquitoes to nest. If this waterlogging is occurring around the base of your home, it could meanwhile damage your home’s foundations, putting your home at risk of subsidence. Drainage solutions such as a soakaway can help to reduce waterlogging. Flood barriers can meanwhile prevent waterlogging caused by floods. 

Pest problems

If you notice pests like mice or rats in your garden, you may want to consider calling a pest control service to take a look. These pests may eventually move into your home where they can cause all kinds of problems from contaminating food to chewing through wires. Large ants nests and wasp’s nests can also cause problems if ignored and could also be worth hiring pest control services for.