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Four tips for your next home clear out

Regularly clearing out your home of all the unnecessary clutter can be a great way to keep your home clean and organised. But it can also be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan or know where to start. Often, most people just push things aside and leave them in boxes in the garage or basement, which only adds to the clutter. So to help you get started on your next home clear-out, here are four tips to help you make your next clear-out a success.

#1: Plan Ahead

The first thing to do when preparing for your home clear-out is to plan ahead. Take a few days to consider what needs to be cleared out and make a list of tasks. This will help you stay focused and organised throughout the process. Also, be sure to set aside enough time for your clear-out so you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. Planning your clear-out over a weekend is the perfect way to ensure that once you get started, you can keep up the momentum without any disruptions.

#2: Keep/Donate/Dump/Sell

Now comes the hard part; deciding what items need to go where. Items that are in good condition should be donated if possible, as there are many people who could benefit from them. Anything that cannot be donated should either be dumped or sold, depending on the item. If it’s something you know has a resale value, then it might be worth selling. However, if it is something that is damaged and cannot be used, it’s best to just dump it. The items you decide to keep should also have a clear purpose as to why they are being kept. If it’s something you haven’t used in a while and don’t plan on using anytime soon, it’s best to just get rid of it.

#3: Book A Rubbish Removal Service

Once you’ve sorted through all the items that need to be dumped, it’s time to start thinking about how they will get removed from your home. Depending on the amount of rubbish, hiring a professional rubbish removal company may be the best option. They will have all the necessary equipment and experience needed to quickly and safely remove all your rubbish. You should also consider whether you need any specialised services such as asbestos removal or hazardous waste disposal to ensure that all the waste is disposed of safely.

#4: Get Help From Others

Tackling a home clear-out on your own can be challenging and time-consuming. So, if possible, try and get some extra help from family and friends. If nothing else, their company can be a great morale booster to keep you motivated throughout the process. Attending a job like this is never fun, so having someone to talk to and pass the time with can make what might seem like a daunting task much easier.Regular home clear-outs (at least once a year) are an important part of keeping your home clean and organised. By following these four tips, you will be able to get started on your next home clear-out with ease and be sure that it’s a success from start to finish!